Race car driver survives a 200MPH crash

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A driver attempting a land speed record on November 10th 2013 nearly lost his life after a horrifying crash at El Mirage Dry Lake near Adelanto California. The driver, Brian Gillespie, was driving at a Land Speed Racing event in a highly modified first generation of Honda Insight. Obviously the car wasn’t with the regular Hybrid engine an Insight has . Brian Gillespie of the Hasport Hondata race team was nearing 200 mph when his car spins at the rear end and began flipping like a toy car.

It is unclear whether the accident was caused by crosswinds, abrupt surface change or any  mechanical failure, but the car rolled so many times that its difficult to even count after watching the video repeatedly. Survival of Brian is due to the extensive safety equipment that was put into vehicle. Brian had a torn and collapsed right lung and a concussion. Remarkably, Gillespie was released just a week after the horrific over 200MPH crash that could have taken his life.

On November 22, 2013 he spoke live on  CNN show and said that he don’t remember what happened but he is happy to alive. watch his  Interview


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