Radio is Surviving Against all Odds in Pakistan

Looking back into the past, families would gather around large radio receivers and feel the warmth from the glow of vacuum tubes as news, music and entertainment flowed from the speakers. Today despite the advent of social media platforms, television, cable, and other sources for people to get their news and to listen to contemporary music, the radio is surviving, paving its way swiftly against all odds and continuing to be an important, viable method of outreach for Pakistanis. The proof to this is an interesting finding of the recently released Auto Industry Survey, which tells us that 74% out of 11000+ Pakistanis listen to radio when they drive. The obvious reason behind survival of radio is its evolution parallel to the technology, with various Internet distribution platforms, such as online streaming, MP3 and podcasting allowing radio to be accessed on computers, tablets and smartphones.


According to a research made by traffic psychologists, listening to music or radio has a positive effect on the drivers. In fact it turns out that listening to music makes the driver more focused, especially on the long journeys. When driving in the city, the motorists need more concentration, and in cases where they are met with busy traffic, motorists turn down the radio or even switch it off. In experiments conducted during the research, motorists were not allowed to turn down the radio or switch it off, and the result was that they focused more on the traffic and didn’t realize they the radio was even on. The result of the research showed that drivers actually tend to focus more when listening to music in the background, in both, busy traffic conditions and on the highways.

It is interesting that people in Pakistan still prefer listening to radio stations instead of the CD players and USBs while driving. As per further findings of Auto Industry Survey, 31% of the people listen to FM106.2. This radio station is known for playing non-stop latest songs from the entertainment industry. Radios are also preferred more because one doesn’t need to go to buy a CD or go download songs and copy on their USBs or memory cards.

Do you also listen to radio when you drive? Let us know in the comments.

Samiullah Sharief

Samiullah Sharief is a car enthusiat. He is passionate about writing blogs and reviews about cars. His hobbies are driving,watching TV Shows like Top Gear, Mega Factories and he follows Popular car magazines. You can reach out to him by tweeting @sami649

  • Guest

    Because radio is cheap and nobody would crowbar your door to steal it. CD & cassettes are obsolete. The only other options are Aux in and Mp3 (through USB). Which run the chance of being stolen.

    Radio is a live performance. And live performance has its own taste compared to recording.

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

    I hate the pathetic bollywood songs they play, else I listen to it all the time

  • DJ

    You do know you can select and change the radio channel, don’t you?

    If you don’t like the current channel, change it! 🙂

  • Sheheryar

    I prefer to listen Tilawat-e-Quran on FM 93.4

  • Abdul Hannan

    u can change to fm 89.00 for english songs

  • Guest again

    Current channel?

    Which channel airs current?

    Load shedding problems solved!

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

    Bhai takreeban sab ye bakwas chala rahe hotey hain. I do switch channels

  • Sultan Kiani

    Somebody write on “HOW TO GET MAXIMUM CHANNELS ON CAR RADIO” please! Distortion and poor sound quality while driving “drives me crazy”