Read All About What Is PCD Of Wheels And Why You Should Know About It

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Market is filled with all sorts of alloy wheels now a days. Although you want to put whatever design you like, there is a chance you won’t be able to. And it is not about the size of the alloy, but the different PCD. Meaning you cant swap whatever design you like, provided you find the suitable size as well. In simple terms, PCD tells you the bolt pattern of the wheel.

PCD stands for ‘pitch circle diameter’. It is measured in millimeters. Car manufacturers use different stud or bolt hole patterns for the fitment of their wheels and these must line up exactly with your aftermarket wheels enabling them to seat properly against the hub.

PCD is presented like this:

  • 4×108
  • 4×100
  • 4×114.3
  • 5×100
  • 5×114.3

and others. The first digit tells you how many bolts are there. 4 means 4 holes for wheel studs, 5 means 5 holes for studs etc. The second combination of numbers tells you the measurement of distance between holes. 100 is the simplest. So lets say you have an alloy with 4×100 PCD. It means it has four holes and the distance between one bolt hole and the one opposite to it is 100 mm. 5×114 is slightly different. It simple means the circumference on which all 5 holes are drilled, it has a diameter of 114 mm. Same way 6 bolt wheel PCD is measured.



You can find the PCD and other information stamped at the backside of the wheels you are buying.

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