PakWheels Infographic: Ten Things You Should Stop Doing In Pakistan’s Traffic And Roads

See the Sindh Traffic Police has had enough of the chaotic traffic and announced steps as tough as being sent to jail for up to three years. So we also sought to file a list which is a common sight on over roads which is both dangerous, and requires just a little bit patience from us on the roads. Just a little bit.

10 Thing that can be dangerous while driving

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  • tjnapster555

    you should also include the high beam i hate it

  • Grewal

    Poor Maintenance of Vehicle is also a causal factor of accidents.

  • Ch M. Laraib Ali

    Poor maintenance is also a major factor .

  • Guest

    Lane splitting: How to stop doing it? There are no lane markings anywhere.
    Ignoring traffic lights: How to stop doing it? Either somebody will snatch mobile while you are stopped, or the person from behind will beat you up, all this too if the traffic lights are working in the first place.
    Driving when you need to use the bathroom: How to stop doing it? There are no public restrooms anywhere. If present anywhere, the stool of previous few users is preserved in the bowl looking very disgusting.

  • Ahmed Hembel

    Driving when you need to use the bathroom is okay… Sometimes good especially on long journeys, keeps you awake.

  • Uzair Muftee

    we can make up reasons for everything. unfortunately education in Pakistan means that a person should know 14 points by quaid and nothing more. following the law/rules, respect, tolerance, patience etc should be taught in schools because parents in Pakistan are failing at teaching these things to their children.