Read Few Tips Regarding Your Car’s Tyre Maintenance

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Our tyres get the most beating of all the exterior parts of our cars. But with regular maintenance, they can last you a long time. They will retain their performance for a long period of time, even till the time you finally replace them. Tyres wear out gradually, so it can be difficult to determine the point where a deterioration in performance is a cause for worry. So if you start to feel that your car is not gripping as much as it was before, maybe it is time for a new pair. When you start to notice that the braking distance has increased, or you feel vibration at high speeds even after getting the wheel balancing done, you should ask for an expert’s opinion and change the tyres. Many would already be aware of these tips, but this article is for those who are new to all this.

Routinely tyre maintenance includes getting the rotation done after every 10000 or so kilometers. And also make sure your vehicle’s wheels are aligned as well. Getting your car’s wheel balanced will not only give you vibration free ride, but will also help you in prolonging the life of your tyres.

One very important aspect of tyre maintenance, or maybe the most important, is maintaining the correct air pressure in the tyres. This one aspect of tyre maintenance can drastically add or reduce life of your tyres. And it is not only about the life of your tyres, it is also paramount for you and your passengers’ safety as well. Underinflated or overinflated tyres can be serious driving hazard. Not only can they cause the sudden tyre blow out, but also can make your steering input redundant.

Keep an eye on the tread of the tyre. If you have a lot of travelling, make sure you have sufficient tyre tread to help you keep in control. You should have at least 3 mm of tyre tread to be safe, any lower than that, and replace the tyres. You don’t need any technician to help you do this. Get down to your car’s tyres’ level, and inspect them yourself.

These are minor things that you can do in your normal workshop trips or on weekend car wash, and you don’t need to take special time out of your schedule or daily routine to do any of this. This can help you keeping your pair for a long period of time, while also saving you money.

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    What should be the tyre pressure and cycle of rotation of tyres

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