What are the reasons of engine power loss?

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Today we will talk about how an engine will start to lose its power over time. For the engine to have better combustion there are four key things to focus on and that are air, fuel, compression, and spark.

Air Filter

First, let’s talk about the air. The conventional engine will burn around 14700 grams of air per litre. For the purpose, the air filter of the car should be in prestige condition. If the air filter is not clean or choked then that means less air will enter the engine and the combustion will take a hit. Usually one should change an air filter around 10000kms and regular cleaning is a must. If the filter is not cleaned then the engine will have to work harder to suck more air in.

Throttle Cable

The throttle cable loosens up over time. So it is important to tighten them up on time so that the butterfly continues to work smoothly.

See the video review of the tip below:

Catalytic Converters

When catalytic converters get choked over time. The exhaust gases have a hard time flowing out of the engine and if these exhaust gases are stuck in the engine then the engine will start losing its power.

Fuel Injectors

Over time the fuel injectors of the car also get affected mainly due to the contamination of the fuel. If these fuel injectors throw more fuel than the fuel consumption will increase and if these injectors are choked then the engine will start miss fire due to less fuel.

Fuel Pump

Usually, the fuel pump doesn’t get faulty but if the fuel filter of your car is choked then this pump has to work harder to supply fuel to the engine. This in return will damage the fuel pump and the fuel supply will also not be according to the pressure hence the power loss will occur.


Valves Deposits

Valves should open and close on their respective times but if the deposits occur around the walls then they won’t close properly. In direct-injection engines when there is PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) the deposits start to freeze around the valves due to which the compression can get weak. Because when the values should close they actually remain open and the engine starts to power. That is why some cars also backfire.

Spark Plugs

If the spark plugs of the engines are not right then they will not properly burn the mixture. Usually one should change the spark plugs at around 20000kms. You should look out for the manufacturer’s recommendation on when to change the spark plugs.

So there you have it PakWheelers these are the reasons why the engine loss occurs and the tips avoid it from happening.

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