Tips to Keep Your Car in Best Condition in Winters

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As the summer season is about to conclude and we are moving towards the winters, it is suggested that you check some key aspects and items of your car for a smooth, relaxing, and carefree ride. The following tips will help you keep your vehicle in an optimal condition for the winter season. These safety precautions are essential as they can prevent you from incurring financial losses and getting into a road accident. 

Winters and Battery 

In order for your battery to operate at an optimal level, you need to check for the cranking amperes that are necessary to start your car. If the cranking amperes are not at the optimal level, your vehicle will struggle in starting or will not start at all. The battery needs to be fully charged and must have the necessary amperes for your vehicle to start in winters. A weak battery will cause problems along the way, and it is wise to replace a weak battery at the start of the winter season. 

Car Coolant 

Coolant or anti-freeze is an essential element for your car as it does not freeze in the winter and has a long life of approximately 80,000 km. The Coolant must be in the radiator instead of water as the water expands when it freezes in winter. This can cause internal damage to your car. The anti-freeze or coolant do not freeze and hence do not expand. Damage can occur to the engine or the radiator itself. Always wait a while after starting your car and driving it. Let your car heat up so that the ride is smooth. 

Tyres in Winters

When the tyres of your car are cold, check the air pressure in them. In winters, the air condenses, and the pressure of the air inside the tyres decreases. When you take your car for a drive on the road, the air expands inside the tyres. Keeping this in mind, keep the pressure a little lower so that when it expands, it does not burst the tyre. People traveling to the northern areas must keep the tyre pressure at the optimal level otherwise tyres can burst due to a change in temperature. Moreover, if you are going to the northern areas with snowy conditions, use winter tyres instead of summer tyres. This will help your car to gain extra stability and will not often slip in the snow.

Wiper Blades 

If you are living in snowy areas, do not turn on the windscreen wipers before cleaning them off ice and snow. Otherwise, your windscreen can have scratches, and the wiper motors can get damaged. The windscreen wiper motors are, at times, costly and cause you significant financial damage. 

Windscreen and Winters

If there is ice or snow on your windscreen, do not pour hot water to melt the ice or snow. This is because the hot water will crack the windscreen and can cause significant financial damages. In order to safely and adequately melt the ice from your windscreen, turn on the air conditioning and defroster of your car. Keep the air conditioning on the maximum setting. 

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