Suzuki Hustler Owner’s Review: Price, Specs & Features

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Suzuki Hustler is a Japanese manufactured hatchback which is a direct competitor to cars like Diahatsu Mira, Nissan Dayz, and Honda N One. The owner has been driving this car for the past five months. Hustler is known for providing a lofty SUV-like ride in an economical package. This particular car is a 2014 model and was imported in 2018. The owner purchased it in PKR 14,50,000. Before this, the owner had driven imported 2011 Suzuki Alto. Suzuki Hustler comes with an Eco Idle function that momentarily stops the engine as the car stops at a traffic signal. 


The exterior of this hatchback is boxy in shape with sharp body edges. The front of the car has round headlights with integrated turn signals. Underneath the headlamps, fog lamps are also integrated into the bumper. The rear has elongated vertical tail-lamps with LED brake lights. The rear windscreen also has a wiper, and a high-mounted brake lamp is situated above the rear windscreen. The soundproofing of the car is above-average, which helps in providing a relaxing ride. Compared to other imported 660cc Japanese vehicles, the ground clearance of Suzuki Hustler is optimal for local road conditions. This makes it an ideal car for all road conditions, even rural terrains. 


Due to the boxy shape of the Suzuki Hustler, the interior space is ample and can comfortably house five people. The two-tone dashboard gives the interior a premium and upmarket look and feel. At the front, there is a bench seat which can accommodate three people. This essentially means that the car can seat six people; however, that will be a stretch. There are some steering mounted controls for volume adjustment etc. There are dual airbags, ABS brakes, traction control, and radar braking system to enhance the safety of the car. The car also comes with digital climate control and an infotainment system with a rear-view camera. There is an ample amount of legroom in the rear of the vehicle for rear passengers. The rear seats are also adjustable to increase or decrease the boot space. 

Engine and Performance

This particular car has a 660cc turbo engine, which is powerful enough to propel this size of car for a punchier and comfortable ride. The engine is paired with an automatic transmission, which makes it easier to drive around town. The turbo provides a substantial amount of acceleration off the line. 

Maintenance and Mileage 

The Suzuki Hustler is giving the owner 16 to 17 km/l in town and 19 to 20 km/l on the highway. Spare parts are available in the local market, but the prices are generally higher than those of locally manufactured cars. 


According to the owner, the Suzuki Hustler is more powerful and comfortable to ride in compared to other 660cc cars available in the market. Compared to other 660cc cars, the popularity of the Suzuki Hustler is still low. Therefore, the spare parts are relatively expensive, and it will be relatively more difficult to sell off this car in the used car market.

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