Registration of new motorcycles suspended, sales stopped


The Motor Registration Authority of Excise and Taxation department of Karachi has suspended the registration of 80 locally assembled motorcycles in Karachi due to which sales have arrived to grinding halt in the metropolitan city.

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The registration authority has made basis that certificate of Engineering Development Board (EDB) and NOC of Standard Quality Control Authority (SQCA) of Pakistan has expired of these 80 local assemblers in September and the companies have not renewed them, and until they are renewed, motorcycles of these assemblers would be registered.

The assemblers however say that they have submitted all relevant documents to get the NOC and certificate renewed however both, EDB and SQCA are delaying on purpose.

Daily sales in Karachi of motorcycles are 500 per day. A major increase in motorcycle sales was observed due to the deteriorating condition of law and order and lack of public transport in the city, therefore people began to prefer bikes over cars.

The sale of 500 motorcycles a day also explains why Yamaha had the patience to wait around five years to get the barriers out of the way and establish their business in Pakistan.