Road & Track magazine shoots the ultimate battle: Nissan GTR vs Porsche 911 Turbo S vs Bugatti Veyron

Top Gear tested the 2012 Nissan GTR which completely destroyed the Jaguar XKR proving that Supercar can come in for very cheap and it was a blow in the face of the expensive cars like the 911 Turbo S or even the Veyron.

However, we all wanted to see how the GTR would put up against the giants of the Supercar genre, there are many ways to measure a car’s performance, and no shortage of benchmarks against which to judge them. The 200 mile-per-hour mark, for example, holds its share of bragging rights. And back in the day, Road & Track would hold shootouts to determine which cars made the cut and which did not. But now the magazine is back with a new benchmark, one that’s a lot tougher to beat: the two-second sprint to sixty.

So there are only few cars in the world which can sprint from 0 to 60 MPH in less than 3 seconds hence the Two Second Club.

Here’s the video of the shootout you all wanted to see since the day we saw the GTR destroyed the 100,000 GBP XKR.

Baber K. Khan

An auto enthusiast trying to bring car media mainstream.