Russian gun maker Kalashnikov unveils an electric car

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Kalashnikov is renowned for making maybe one of the best-known assault rifles in the world, the AK 47. And now it seems the Russian company is dipping its toes in the pool of cars, and that too electric cars. The Russian gun manufacturer wants to make and sell electric vehicles.


CV-1 is Russia’s first entry in the electric car race. The EV was unveiled at Russia’s largest military trade fare.
Russian EV can do zero to 100 in about 6 seconds and can cover around 300 kilometers in a single full charge.
Kalashnikov as a company has branched out throughout its time. They now make various things, from camping goods to sporting equipment, and even some other conventional engine-powered machinery. But this CV-1 electric car is now the newest addition to the gun maker’s portfolio.

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Overall the reactions have been mixed; some claim this is going to be the Tesla killer, while others believe maybe Kalashnikov should stick to what they know best, making great guns.





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  1. Faran says

    Where the hell are its side mirrors? Or its legendary advanced?

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