Sahibzada Sultan of Jhang Wins The Exciting 2016 Cholistan Jeep Rally

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The 2016 Cholistan Desert Jeep Rally has finally concluded, and Sahibzada Sultan of Jhang took the trophy home. The Cholistan Jeep Rally is the annual rally raid type event that I held in the Cholistan area by Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab. It was the 11th rally of the series and was a great success with some great sand bashing action including a few roll overs.

Around 80 cars took part in the rally, competing in eight different categories. The rally had around 200,000 visitors. It was one of the biggest rallies held in Pakistan so far. The rally’s route was two hundred and eighteen kilometers long.

2016 Cholistan Jeep Rally (2)

Nadir Magsi was defending his 2015 championship when his vehicle suffered a technical breakdown at the 201km mark. Magsi had been the champion for five years now. But this time, around, Sahibzada Sultan Muhammad Ali was crowned the champion when he crossed the finish line of the last stage first (Category A).

Sahibzada Sultan Muhammad Ali receiving his award from Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan
Sahibzada Sultan Muhammad Ali receiving his award from Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan

About his breakdown, Magi remarked,

“I would have defended my title had my vehicle not broken down.”

Arooni Patel and Nadeem Naeem were second and third respectively.

Here are the detailed results with winners and their times.


  • A Prepared
    1- Sahibzada Sultan 2:30:54
    2- Arooni Patel 2:31:10
    3- Nadeem Naeem 2:42:46
  • B Prepared
    1- Jaffar Magsi 2:31:42
    2- Jam Kamal 2:32:03
    3- Zain Mehmood 2:33:59
  • C Prepared
    1- Zaheer Hussain 2:31:17
    2- Raja Asim 2:40:34
    3- Dr. Noor Qamar 2:40:51
  • D Prepared
    1- Mehboob Khan 2:41:44
    2- Muhammad Iqbal 2:44:50
    3- Dawood Abbasi 2:54:31


  • A Stock
    1- Qadir Nawaz Sangi 2:35:57
    2- Miam Afzal 2:37:28
    3- Kashif Asghar 2:57:05
  • B Stock
    1- Amir Magsi 2:41:57
    2- Bilal Ashiq 2:4829
    3- Asif Aziz 2:50:43
  • C Stock
    1- Abdul Rehman 3:03:06
    2- Syed Ameer Ali 3:03:53
    3- Ghulam Nabi Khan 3:08:22
  • D Stock
    1- M Sajjad 3:07:46
    2- Jam Bilal 3:08:04
    3- Ali Waqar 3:23:51

About the increasing interest and increased participation, Magsi said,

“The love of off-roading is catching on. We have better routes and drivers. If we had more resources we could take on any international racing competition.”

Category D driver Farooq Ahmad mentioned that he was a mechanic by profession before entering the rally circuit. He raced one of the cars he had worked in his workshop at the Jhal Magsi Rally and was third in the event. This made him pursue racing and rallying seriously.

In women’s division, Jamila Asif was the winner whereas Husna Patel (wife of Arooni Patel) was second.

But the event did not go 100% smoothly. There were incidents of aerial firing as well as reports of unruly behavior. One stray bullet hit a spectator in the leg who was then taken to a hospital in Multan. The general public raised its concern over such activities and demanded swift action from Punjab government.

Although not perfect, such events are always welcomed considering how much talent and passion we have for rallying and racing in Pakistan. We hope to see more dune bashing action in coming months and government playing its part in more detailed manner for smooth and safe execution.

2016 Cholistan Jeep Rally (3)

2016 Cholistan Jeep Rally (4)

2016 Cholistan Jeep Rally (5)


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  1. sialkotian says

    what is the source of income of Sahib zada, how much tax he paid ??????????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. Jack says

    Dude if his name was Dr.Sultan or Prof.Sultan you would never have asked the dump question. Don’t judge people by their Surname, stop being such a pussy, try to give him a round of a applause. Pakistani Racist be ashamed of your self. BTW I don’t know him

  3. Muhammed Ovais Alam says

    bhai sb aap ne kitna tax bhara hai?

  4. Guest says

    Hi sialkotian, you have too many question marks. What is the source of your question marks? Do you have so many you are splurging them around?

    The source of income of sahibzada is most probably inheritance. As of now being a law-abiding citizen and all taxes clear is not a requirement for participation in CJR. Also, as per Pakistani law, the rewards won in privately organized or government organized competition cannot be taken back by the organizer (this type of law is present in for e.g. Miss World pageant, also, as per Pakistani law if a person is convicted and not acquitted of some great misdeed, then he/she will have to surrender any military or civilian medals. Now you know medals are not won in a competition but awarded in honour of some great service).

  5. H__3 says

    You were the kid who used to sit in the corner cursing the ‘system’ whilst others played along merrily – weren’t you?

  6. Guest again says

    There is some miswording in above sentence. Please read it as, there is no compulsory requirement in Pakistani law which could force the organizer to somehow strip the winner of their medal.
    The organizer definitely reserves the right, because usually they write the contract in such a way that gives them this right, so in case the winner (even after many years of winning), is found guilty of a heinous crime, then the organizer can save their grace.

  7. Shakeel says

    I am agree with Jack.

  8. Guest says

    I also agree with Jack Ass

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