Samaa’s report on rising demand of Hybrid cars in Pakistan

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The Vimeo video below is Samaa’s take on the Hybrid Cars in Pakistan. While you may not agree entirely with the report like us, the point of hybrid cars, apart from clean environment, is indeed to save fuel. Nothing but to be easy on fuel. Due to how miserably Pakistani rupee has fallen in strength over the past couple of years against foreign currencies, anything you import to either build something or as completely built units, it will be expensive.

Many of us then wonder if the hybrid cars really do help us, as the prices they are in Pakistan even after government’s relaxation to hybrid cars, we fail to justify their impact on energy crisis of Pakistan as these Hybrids are still quite far away from the reach of average Bashir.

What’s your take?

Hybrid Cars in Pakistan from Muhammad Luqman on Vimeo.

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  1. Anonymous says

    hahaha lolz…..!! Gud Joke

  2. Saleem Zeb says

    Btw can anyone tell me any car hybrid car with 1200cc 🙂

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