The Gear Skipping in Manual Transmission is Tricky

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While you are at it, we know all the expert drivers do have their own driving skills and expertise that they want to use, but skipping gear is something you have to be extra careful about. Isn’t it? The beauty of manual transmission is that you can easily switch and skip gears with-in the up and downshifts, without much of an effort. However, like everything else, there is a right and a wrong way of doing the shifting, as you wouldn’t want to risk your car’s engine. On the other hand, we don’t want to discourage you from doing the action, it’s just to make it smoother.

Manual Transmission

A manual transmission is also known as a manual gearbox, stick shift, or simply MT. The manual transmission is fairly simple. The gearbox is mated to the engine (crankshaft), and you have your flywheel and clutch plate in between as a mating point. Pressing the clutch pedal releases the transmission, making it free wheel. It means engine and transmission are free from each other now. And now you can choose the gear you want to engage.

Rev-matching Technique

A Rev matching is utilized when you are downshifting to get an even transition between the gears of your car or bike. This is also helpful in preventing shock loads in the course of the transmission. It’s a very useful skill for not only the race car drivers but also for your daily driving. The rev-matching technique also takes care of:

  • Stress reduction on the driveline
  • Preventing frontward weight-transfers while down shifting
  • It cuts engine braking and likelihoods of wheel lock

Gear Shifting Trick

Well, for starters, skipping can be fun, and yes may need a few tricks around it. You can simultaneously upshift one or as a matter of fact, two gears at a time, while skipping. This is safe, comparatively. As per our trick-bar of shifting, you need to let go of clutch more slowly than your regular use. This slow process will let the speed of your engine and transmission to match. That’s also important because you wouldn’t be too happy to get your car to shudder.

Equally Important Downshift

Down shift also needs your equal focus. Just like the up-shift process, the down shift also needs the balance between the engine and transmission speed. A standard down shift, needing rev-matching is going to require some extra throttle from your side. Adding throttle will also depend on your choice of gear shift too.  The redline of your engine may exceed its limits, in case you are shifting while at downshift. If you think that it’s not going to cause any issues, then we suggest thinking again as this process may damage a lot of things, and may need some very big-ticket fixes. Thus, we imply to not to skip more than two gears at a time. Let your transmission to go smoothly along the drive.

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