Skyline, Corvette and Camaro battle it out with each other in Karachi

There has been a daunting silence on Karachi’s streets for a while and although we do not endorse street racing of any sorts, whether involving any cars; it is considered as reckless behavior. However, if the government had provided another platform for aficionados of motor sports, especially drag racing, we are quite certain that this menace could’ve been moved from city streets to closed circuits.

Since the Camaro’s arrival in Karachi, we’ve been getting a lot of videos of Ferrari 360, R34 Skyline, Camaro and Corvette racing each other on Karachi’s track in Phase-7 of Defense, bringing a bit of energy and excitement which has been lost for a long time.

If you have better videos of these cars racing, than leave a link in the comments.

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Baber K. Khan

An auto enthusiast trying to bring car media mainstream.