Sources Say 2016 Honda Civic Will Come In June-July This Year In Pakistan

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The new 2016 Honda Civic caused quite a buzz on its launch. After it had gone on sale in USA and Canada, Honda brought the car to Asia (Philippines). A couple of days ago, a sports version of the new Civic X went on sale in the UK as well. We, in Pakistan also have been expecting 2016 Civic to be launched anytime soon. The typical month for Honda to launch its cars in Pakistan is September, and that is what we were expecting this time as well. But then there were rumors that the car launch has been delayed to the end of the year, or possibly start of 2017 because Honda Atlas had launched the 2016 Honda HR-V and were focusing on the new car but they seem to be incorrect.

According to our industry sources, Honda Atlas will be launching the car somewhere between the months of June and July, this year. That is big claim and has yet to be verified by Honda Atlas officials. But our source is quite confident in the claim.

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And yes, the more important news, the 1.5 turbocharged Civic will be coming to Pakistan along with the 1.8 liter N/A engine. However, the Civic with the 1.5-liter turbocharged engine is going to be costlier than the 1.8-liter naturally aspirated one, we’ve learned. Although considering small capacity engines should have lower taxes compared to the 1.8-liter motor, the price should be less, but that’s all what our source has to share for now.

The rest of the specs and features of the 2016 Honda Civic are yet to be known. We will make sure to update our readers as soon we get more news, keep watching this space.

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  1. Muhammad Khurshid Anwar says

    1.5L Turbo will be a blessing for Pakistanis, given that if HI-Octane is not required. annual renewal tax will also be lower, the car has much more HP with better fuel economy. there will be no match on Pak roads to this beast. However the price will be alot more. Here in Dubai, Turbo is being sold at 95K AED full options. which is roughly 27 lacs. in Pakistan it will be atleast 30 lacs for Turbo, However for 1.8L, the prices should remain the same.

  2. nasir says

    Cool…..that is a great news………

    r we getting CVT gearbox or same pathetic Prosmatic ??? If prosmatic then this car is bull shit !
    Earth dreams engine of 1.8 or same old pathetic 1.8 ??????

  3. Abdullah says

    30 lacs ke tou imported Honda Hybrid Vezel aa jaati hai………..1.5 Turbo should not be more than 2.2 million and 1.8 should not be more than 1.9 Million for the base variant……if they give it a higher price tag…..then Atlas Honda should say bye bye to Pakistan and leave because then everybody would buy the much cheaper corollas…..

  4. nasir says

    If Honda Atlas price this car higher then what CIVIC is priced at present, then iam afraid that THIS will be the last car that Honda is introducing in Pakistan…….Toyota would completely wipe off Honda in Pakistan because nobody would buy this expensive car….

  5. Sohaib says

    CVT ???????

  6. Bil says

    True that. . .

  7. Ali Raza says

    CVT and paddle shifters. Please

  8. Heartyboy says

    yes the 1.5 turbo runs on normal gasoline(petrol).You can verify by watching an interview of chief engineer of Honda USA, but the thing is pakistani petrol is even close to normal gasoline standard?

  9. Moaz Malik says

    1.8 NA engine? That old engine just refuses to die. What about the new 2.0 litre engine that’s available in lower trim Civics? If they offered it here alongside the 1.5 turbo, would the price be lower because of mechanical simplicity and lesser power output, or higher because of tax?

  10. Haseeb says

    It is going to be launched in Ramadan. 1500 cars have already been manufactured.

  11. Muhammad Khurshid Anwar says

    should vs will, is a different story my friend. in pakistan there is no real competition, and these manufacturers are backed by ministres, nothing can be done until new manufacturers come or until import duty is reduced on used cars.

  12. Muhammad Khurshid Anwar says

    price is should be a little lower, coz that engine is NA and does not involve complex technology as turbo, however the annual token will be alot compared to 1.5L, i guess it will be around 36-40k each year for 2.0L and perhaps 8k for 1.5L, not sure though

  13. jaffer says

    any news on new hilux or fortuner??

  14. syed says

    Indonesia is the first country in Asia (Japan exclusive) where new Civic
    is launched and it is 1.8 Ltr. with same old engine of 2005. As of
    today they introduced 1.5 ltr turbo as well. Honda may not introduce 2.0
    ltr as it is limited to North American market and Asian countries don’t
    have market for 2.0 ltr due to high taxation in Hong Kong, Malaysia,
    Singapore and India. The price difference of 1.5 ltr turbo and 2.0 ltr
    itself is US$ 4000 and is costlier than 2.0 ltr engine. What I heard
    that Honda will only introduce 1.8 ltr which may come this time with
    CVT. the price would be Rs. 27 lacs for fully loaded. Even if they ever
    introduce 1.5 ltr then it will be sell for Rs. 31 lacs according to
    present duty, taxation for locally assembled car (CKD). This year’s
    budget may give 5% relaxation for local assemblers. The car will be
    ready for delivery in September 2016. Toyota is also waiting for budget
    and will introduce new VIGO (REVO) in July. As we all know to cut the
    cost local manufacturer are importing all parts from Thailand. And in
    Thailand REVO is available for 625000 to 725000 Baht which is around 19
    lacs to 22 lacs. So Toyota Indus should also reduce its prices as
    previously they reduced around Rs. 1 million for Fortuner but none for
    Vigo. Fortuner has very limited market and is overly priced if compare
    to neighboring country like India where it is price around Rs. 3.8
    million to Rs. 4.0 million. So due to limited sale Toyota Indus has

  15. Shahab Nasir says

    i’d rather wish for a dual clutch proper gearbox

  16. Sagheer says

    27 lacs for a civic in Pakistan is too high………people would prefer to buy imported Honda 2014 Hybrid Vezel which is available in market for around 27 lacs…..The fully loaded should not cost more then 2.4 Million max……………that is the RED LINE…..if ATLAS crosses it then they would not be able to capture the Pakistani market….

  17. Shafi says

    We want a 1.5 turbocharged car at a price of 1.9 Million…….if they do not launch that theni would buy a ALTIS 1.6………then go to hell ATLAS Honda….

  18. Muhammad Khurshid Anwar says

    i am afraid, they won’t bring the price down. it will either atleast the same as of current model, or slightly more.

  19. Muhammad Khurshid Anwar says

    the only way your dream can come true is that you keep dreaming.

  20. Tamim says

    Pakwheels buddies we should boycott the NEW HONDA CIVIC if it is more then 2.4 Million rupees (fully loaded)…….they cant black mail us anymore……..WARNING FOR ATLAS HONDA……..

  21. Umairbeg says

    If people can buy gli with 84 hp in 19 lakh then can’t buy a civic in 27 lakh the 1.5 turbo charged engine gives 180 HP that is more than a 2000cc engine hp and gives a good millage

  22. Umairbeg says

    Buy gli in 19 lakh

  23. Ahsan Shah says

    Bhai jan Honda Honda ha….. Top of the Edge Quality and Top of the Edge Comfort. I bought FAW V2 , thinking i will get Ride similar to HONDA CITY , but no.. Faw is Faw , Honda is Honda….. any ways , cultus aur wagon R say to achi ha…..

  24. Saghir says

    HONDA WALOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo………….Price should be reasonable……otherwise we the Pakistanis can become very unreasonable at times……DHAMKI haii…….lol

  25. Salik says

    Umair Bhai…..only if u say…..for u only……:-)….im ready to buy it for 2.3 Million fully loaded……can not go more then that…..

  26. Auntie Shola says

    Waisay they launched HRV for 3.6 Million….did not price it reasonably and lost the battle to Imported Vezel which is zero meter- brand new available for 3.2 Million from Karachi……and this time if they do it again in case of Civic then they would loose the battle to Corolla……..

  27. Abdur Razak says

    Waisay Honda Vezel Hybrid agar ATLAS khud import karay aur profit margin kam rakhay tou hamain 30 Lakhs ke paray gee…..Point to ponder for ATLAS….

  28. umair says

    i think if honda wannt to increase the sale honda should launch a civic in 1.3 or 1.5cc engine price around 18 lac and city wthout abs and power windows price around 14 lac

  29. Shen Pingzhi says

    it’s launched in china weeks ago ,

  30. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    Honda may launch a re-badged mehran as well to increase the sale. a civic with 1.5 liter turbo, yes. a city without abs or power windows? why’d they do that when there is xli?
    after all paindu’s aren’t buying city anyway due to its sporty suspension(which is hard, harsh, even for me when I know it provides a sharper drive).

    Honda should instead launch the city with for the people who buy it because of the reasons that make it great while still priced between xli and gli. that would be, sportier drive yet better fuel efficiency, current gen’s exterior dimensions(makes it a lot easy to navigate), nice interior amenities such as power-everything, nice stereo, tech gadgets(for that they should look up to jdm cars) etc…

  31. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    1.5 liter ought to be priced higher than 3 million, only then we’d start seeing more TFSi’s than i-VTECs. 😉

  32. AmmaRz says

    18 lac! are you kidding?
    // 1.3cc must never above than 15.5 to 17 lac ==> this one can never flop in pakistan (if they make)
    // 1.5cc must never above than 16.5 to 18 lac
    Honda is a beautiful luxury car. everyone would love to buy it when they make it 1.3 once. Honda’s future can be secured with such cars, and we will see almost every person driving Honda’s cars down on the road.

  33. Saqib says

    Ok anybody having any reliable news about launch date????…….aref ali past blogs have been highly unreliable….

  34. Darth says

    Sorry to report, the information in this article is not true, currently Honda atlas is testing the new civic with the same 1.8L engine in the current civic. They have produced only 2 cars, one of which has been sent to japan for further testing. The tentative release date is January 2017. And it is most probable that we would not be getting the 1.5L turbo charged engine in Pakistan as the engine would be a pain for the dealerships to maintain.

  35. X Auto says

    If that’s true, it would be great,,, but I highly doubt it to be so soon…

  36. X Auto says

    You comment makes more sense…

  37. windie says

    And who is your source on this? Using words like ‘most probable’ doesn’t at all give any credibility to what you say.

  38. Foqaan Shaikh says

    WOW… its a welcome news 🙂 Any news about all new Honda City?

  39. Darth says

    Most probable because of the 2 cars assembled in Pakistan, one was the 1.8L variant and the other was the 1.5L variant. Of these 2 only the 1.8L was sent for further testing to Japan because the 1.5L engine encountered run ability issues due to the quality of supreme fuel available in Pakistan (1.5L engine requires minimum RON rating of 91, which is regular in developed countries)

    Source is someone within the manufacturing team at Honda Atlas. I am sorry i will not divulge the name due to confidentiality.

  40. Darth says

    FYI the price of the new Civic will be roughly about 2 lakhs more expensive than the current model across the board.

  41. Darth says

    Sadly Honda Atlas does not have any plans to launch a new Honda city before Jan 2018 at the very least as they are in the process of spending substantial amount of investment for the upcoming Honda Civic and would require time to recoup some if not all of their investment before bringing in a new model.

  42. Syed Masood Danish Shah says

    This civic released last year in October here in the U.S. I’m not a big fan of civics especially the new ones they are too small. The state of the car industry in Pakistan is just terrible. I’d rather spend my money on a Japanese import than a local import. Atlas you can keep you civic.

  43. Raza Naqvi says

    RON 87 is regular, RON 91 is mid grade and RON 92 is premium , in USA

  44. Junaid Abbas says

    What the hell? Front is o.k and the headlights seem like a whole big part until you get close and notice the indicators and the parking LEDs. The rear of this Civic is a mess up and the dashboard is even worse than the new Corolla. I like Corolla but I dont like its dashboard. Well the truth is that TOYOTA is beating HONDA in looks and design.

  45. Nooman Sheikh says

    Yesterday I was at a Honda showroom & they informed that 1.5 is comming in September 2016 whereas 1.8 is comming in 2017. Price of 1.5 would be 20~21. I think it would give a tough time to Corolla Altis, Gli Automatic & even Grande.
    City they are not in mood to change right now. I think its sales are going good which is evident by seeing ample no. of chrome grill City in the city.

  46. Muhammad Khurshid Anwar says

    this information is not correct. 1.5L can’t be 20-21, impossible. who ever told you is telling a lie. in US the 1.5L is being sold more than that and US cars are always cheaper than in Pakistan.

  47. twister286 says

    US Octane scales are different (R+M/2 or AKI). US 87 is the same as International 91 on the R-scale octane ratings used elsewhere. US 91 is the same as AU/UK/JP 95, and their 92 is the same as 98 in other countries.

  48. twister286 says

    It runs on normal US-spec petrol…Pakistan’s petrol is not nearly as refined.

  49. Awais Yousaf says

    not true! 1.5 would be above 25 lacks!

  50. MalikSaabi says

    Just ask them to decrease the base ignition timings in ignition tables of the ECU. Its a simple setting for the OEM engineer who configures these things. As simple as changing a ’10’ in the base timing field to ‘5’. Takes seconds. Then test it out on local shell/pso fuel.
    Simple as crack but then….we’re Pakistanis: we complicate EVERYTHING.

  51. chiliblast says

    Honda will launch 1.8L and 1.5L turbo civic in June. Car is already there in Lahore factory. Honda has left with 250 current models of civics. As soon as they are sold, new civic will arrive.

  52. chiliblast says

    Honda will launch i vtech and vti oriel 1.5L turbo civic in June. Car is already there in Lahore factory. Honda has left with 250 current models of civics. As soon as they are sold, new civic will arrive.

  53. Abdullah says

    U must be really high bro

  54. mani9999 says

    Some points to ponder:

    1. Honda is already recalling its all-new engine

    2. Turbo is a first timer in pakistan, it requires super clean air and a specific RON no fuel. we have neither. Will the honda warranty cover it if my turbo sucks up the dust etc that is usually around construction of metro bus etc. and burns up? not likely.

    3. Am I going to find good fuel without any mixing or adulteration?… not every time. this engine needs good fuel.

    4. Turbo spins at a very high rpm. it needs good oil to support that. all we have in pakistan is cleaned refurbished motor oil. nothing genuine even at dealerships. add to that the extreme ambient temperature, and that oil around the turbo is going to become water-like substance. turbo isnt going to last much.

    5. New technology , only Honda Stealership can handle? they are going to rip us off big time.

    6. 1.5 litre has lower taxes for import, and honda sales people are already softening us up for 2.7m price tag down here in the comments section. not good.!

    7. Am i going to gamble that much cash on a car that has new tech/unsupportive environment here? no. I will wait and watch a few months while people do the real world test with their own money and provide feedback so I may make an informed decesion.

  55. A. Ibrahim says

    So i called up a dealership and inquired as to whether or not i should wait another 2 months or go for the new corolla and the sales rep told me that in June (most) likely end of june launch the car and start taking advances for orders and deliver around mid-end august. Yes the car is coming as per his knowledge in 1.8 N/A and 1.5 Turbo. That is good news but what really let me down was the price. According to him ( this is the largest Honda dealership in north Pakistan) the 1.5 L Turbo fully equipped is around 2.9-3.0 million max and the 1.8 N/A fully equipped is 2.7 million. The base model is going to start at 2.2 million.

    So there you go until it isn’t release you can’t say much but i believe that the information carries some weight to it and at this price range the sane thing to do would be to go for the Toyota Corolla simply its going to be better value for money even though the new Honda Civic is a car i personally like more than the Toyota Corolla.

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