Spied: 2014 Mercedes C-Class steps out its camo-suit

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The upcoming generation of Mercedes C-Class has been playing hide and seek with the press because of the camouflage until now. It seems the 2014 C-Class was caught testing without its camouflage outside with a Porsche Cayenne camera car which only hints us towards the fact that this was some sort of advertisement shoot and more importantly, this means this IS the 2014 C-Class.

As the automotive press had predicted, the new C-Class is the baby version of S-Class. However, with the AMG styling pack and fully loaded specs of this car, it does certainly looks a bit elegant over its aggressive looking rivals such as the 3-Series.

You can see this exact car in advertisements, around a month later from now we think.

spyshots-2014-mercedes-c-class-reveals-its-new-design-medium_4 spyshots-2014-mercedes-c-class-reveals-its-new-design-medium_7 spyshots-2014-mercedes-c-class-reveals-its-new-design-medium_6

spyshots-2014-mercedes-c-class-reveals-its-new-design-medium_8 spyshots-2014-mercedes-c-class-reveals-its-new-design-medium_1 spyshots-2014-mercedes-c-class-reveals-its-new-design-medium_4 spyshots-2014-mercedes-c-class-reveals-its-new-design-medium_3

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  1. Abdullah Ismail says

    It really does look like a mini version of the new S-Class. Maybe it's just me but this look just doesn't work for a C-Class.
    Anyway, it'll settle in soon haha

  2. Hamza Jamil says

    Closely resembles E-class too.

  3. Abdullah Ismail says

    From the front, yes. But the rear is almost identical to the S-Class

  4. Muhammad Ismaeel says


  5. Ahmed Basit says

    Not aggressive enough…the old one was indeed a class of its own…this one just seems to be one for and from the line up… still looking forward to the AMG…

  6. Abdullah Ismail says

    I completely agree with you.

  7. Ibrahim Khurram says

    the front lights arent completely different to the s-cllasses

  8. Ibrahim Khurram says

    finally a competitor to the epic 6-series by BMW

  9. Zaeem Khichi says

    amazing ♥

  10. The Drifting Cressida says

    Soon I'll be with you, my love <3

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