Spy pictures: 2014 Toyota Corolla caught testing

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Automotive spy photographers just caught Toyota’s engineers testing the next Corolla and by how things look, it seems the next Corolla will be completely revamped instead of minor design changes as Toyota has done in past. Although Toyota Corolla is the second best selling car in the world, the changes in design and styling is rather minor but now, it seems that Toyota is keen on making Corolla’s styling, competitive.

The boxy lines of the current Corolla looks to be replaced with a sportier look that includes a sloping hood and a shorter decklid which features design cues from new cars like the 2013 Toyota Avalon and 2012 Toyota Camry.

Furthermore, from what we can assumbe from the front end, the headlights have a round shape similar to the new Avalon while the taillights match the L-shaped design of the Camry.

The test-mule caught here seems to be a higher end Corolla, with what appear to be HID headlights, fog lights and possibly even LED taillights. Like the outside, the interior of this test mule is heavily cloaked with camouflage, but we can make out the new three-gauge instrument cluster that replaces the current car’s two-gauge layout, and this upscale model includes chrome trim around the edges.

As far as the engine and power goes, a new version of the 1.8 liter four cylinder engine will be added which gives out more power and better fuel economy and it is expected that a six-speed automatic is likely to replace the aging four-speed automatic transmission.

The new Corolla is expected to go into production by late 2013 and will be available in 2014 to customers.

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  1. Sheikh Umer Mahboob says

    old news

  2. Mohammad Nasir Qureshi says

    Please go somewhere else and fool him. Just covered the corolla with a cloth cover and you say that this is the new model……Good Joke…..

  3. Tahir Rauf says

    Foolish foolish everywhere

  4. Asim Abdul Razzaq says

    Would we be able too see the newcorolla in pakistan in 2014

    I was thinking of buying onnew modele this year, should I wait for the

  5. Shandana Zee says

    People of Pakistan are solely car lovers and their passion speaks louder for sports car; when they transform their normal car and turns it to look alike a sports car http://goo.gl/VD5e9. Looking forward for this model.

  6. Qadeer Ahmed Warraich says

    new corolla will be very beautiful.

  7. Ali Tahir says

    O bhai jis bat ka na pata ho nai boltay wahan. All companies test their new cars under these camuflauge to keep suspense and to prevent their design theft untill its officially launched. I hope you understand english cz most corolla owners dont

  8. Mohammad Nasir Qureshi says

    Well Bahi what is new in this pictures we cant see anything…Then if we say this is the testing of Discovery space rocket….We will have to believe becasue it is covered with cloth cover….Amazing na Bahi……..

  9. Jahangir Aalam says

    Well guys here is the Youtube link exposing 2014 corolla.

  10. Siraj Alvi says

    Looks very different and attractive. I am planning to try it.

  11. Taymoor Arif says

    it seems like old camry.

  12. Muhammad Ejaz says

    Looks good…!!!

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