Students of GIKI develop a car with a mileage of 500 KM per liter

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Over the years there have been a lot of aspirational attempts by Pakistani students and despite the lack of resources, both financial and equipment, they have managed to find their to way to land amongst the best of the world who come together to participate in the Shell Eco Marathon event.

Team Hammerhead of GIKI recently garnered some much deserved attention of the media with Capital Talk bringing them on as well as several news outlet covering and yet the team yearns for a sponsor.

During the WCG 2012 which was held in Indonesia, Pakistani DOTA players with a handicap of four players against five managed to defeat the Indian DOTA team. To everyone’s amazement, almost all the teams there had sponsors, even the one’s that played worse than Pakistani team whereas our teams went on their own without any sponsors.

The lack of sponsors have always been a crucial setback for Pakistani students, with lack of grant meaning the lack of research and development; which basically sets the pillars for a country to move forward in the technological race.

Pick out any foriegn university and they have their local companies and government paying them for research and development, the universities are directly involved in research and development for future products whereas we, even our companies lack a budget for R&D (research and development), therefore the reason why we’re still unable to completely manufacture even 40 years old Suzuki Mehran or even the CD70 motorcycles.

While the bosses of our local companies are keen on making high profits through massive marketing budgets, they do however like to pocket all of it but the students have the vibe remain alive in them and pursue their projects.

These students of GIKI, have designed a maximum fuel efficiency car, equipped with a 35cc four-stroke engine, and aerodynamic aide to maximize the mileage, which they claim to be around 500-550 kms per liter.

You can check out their Facebook page for additional information and pictures on their ambitious project while they seek for a sponsor, atleast we’re enthusiastic that these folks find one which knows the true power and influence of research and development.

Team Hammer Head GIKI.

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  1. Junaid Jim says

    awosome effort…but may be the should work on bike which can make 500km/L which wil support their product.

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