Supreme court receives tax report on oil products

The rates of petroleum products from last year are not stabilizing in any way. Both the previous government and the current caretaker government changed the prices and received harsh criticism from not only commuters but also from other stakeholders as well such as transporters. After much commotion, the Supreme Court of Pakistan (SC) took Suo Moto on the matter and directed the authorities to reconsider price hike and submit a report regarding the taxes on oil products.

The report has been submitted by the concerned parties in the SC and according to it, the government is taking PKR 33 per litre tax on petrol. The import price of petrol is PKR 61.87. The breakdown of taxes on petrol is as below:

  • Customs duty: Rs 3.15
  • General Sales Tax (GST): Rs 10.20
  • Levy on petrol: Rs 10
  • Oil company margin: Rs 2.64
  • Dealer margin: Rs 3.47
  • Inland freight margin: Rs 3.91

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As far as the per litre taxes on diesel are concerned, the government is taking PKR 46 on it. The import price of diesel is PKR 67. Below is the complete breakdown on the taxes:

  • Customs duty: Rs 8.89
  • General Sales Tax (GST): Rs 21.86
  • Levy on petrol: Rs 8
  • Oil company margin: Rs 2.64
  • Dealer margin: Rs 2.93
  • Inland freight margin: Rs 1.55

Let’s wait and see what action SC will take after the report has been submitted. Also, it is worth mentioning here that, after the direction of the Supreme Court, the caretaker government has given relief to the people of the country and slashed the prices of petrol by PKR 4.26. 

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