Suzuki Alto 2019 to be launched in Q1 of 2019 in Pakistan


According to PakWheels sources, Pak Suzuki will be launching the new Suzuki Alto 2019 with a 660cc engine. The new Suzuki Alto is predicted to go on sale in the Q1 of 2019.

Suzuki-Alto-8th-generationAs we all know, Pak Suzuki will be finally discontinuing Suzuki Mehran by the Q1 of 2019. According to the company’s internal circular to its vendors that leaked online, Suzuki Pakistan has requested its vendors to curb the production of parts according to company’s production plan for Mehran. After Mehran, Suzuki will be missing out on a significant segment in the market. And to get that segment back, Suzuki Pakistan has decided to bring out the new Alto 2019.

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As for the technical details are concerned, the 2019 Alto will come with a 660cc engine. There was confusion whether the new hatchback will be 660cc or 800cc. But we can confirm that it will be a 660cc vehicle. There will be a total three variants of the car; two manual variants and one fully loaded automatic variant. The high spec manual and fully loaded auto variant will come with a power steering. The engine will be imported, but the transmission has been developed locally. Rumors suggest it will be the same manual transmission that is available in the current locally assembled Suzuki Wagon R.


Pak Suzuki is expected to announce the car soon in coming months and deliveries might start as soon as March 2019.

Some of you might remember there were leaked images of the then Minister for Planning, Development, and Reform, Mr. Ahsan Iqbal checking and sitting in a white manual Suzuki Alto with a two-tone interior a couple of years back. According to the rumors from within the company, Suzuki has already developed around 25 units of the new Alto 2019 for testing. And another 20 to 25 units are being assembled for display purposes.

Ahsan Iqbal Pak Suzuki Alto

Ahsan Iqbal Pak Suzuki Alto

Ahsan Iqbal Pak Suzuki Alto

Careful estimation suggests the price of the new 2019 Suzuki Alto 660cc will be between PKR 8 to 10 lac. The manual base model will be for around PKR 800,000 whereas the top of the line auto 2019 Alto will be priced somewhere around a million mark. The price bracket of Alto 2019 also puts a huge question mark on the pricing strategy as well as the future of United Bravo as well.

It is interesting to know that it was actually Suzuki Japan that instructed Suzuki Pakistan to discontinue the Mehran as it was becoming increasingly expensive and inconvenient for the parent company to provide the engine parts for the infamous hatchback. One can argue that Suzuki Pakistan might have never killed the most demanded Suzuki vehicle in the lineup had there been no pressure from its Japanese partners.

suzuki-alto-french-mint-pearl-metallic-front-three-quartersSuzuki Mehran disconitnue ft

Let us know what you think about the new upcoming 2019 Suzuki Alto in the comments section below.

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  1. TiredOfThisShit says

    Wondering what Pak Suzuki will strip from this average car…..

  2. MalikSaabi says

    Only interested in
    (1) quality control, and
    (2) features-pricing of auto variant.

    Better late than never!

  3. Abdullah says

    well my wife drives a Japenese Alto Turbo RS 2015 of the same design…
    it has a 658 CC turbo charged engine with 5 speed AGS transmission…..2 air bags….Push start…ECO Idle……driver side height adjustable heated seats…….automatic climate control……Pedestrian Radar for Auto braking…..Multi reflector adjustable head head lights..165/55R15 bridgestone tyres…and tons of other features….
    Cost was 13 lacs when we imported it last year….
    If they strip the car of all these features then they can bring the car price down to 10 lacs easily….
    i mean Auto Car….1 Air bag……Clarion Sound System……AC with Knobs…..ABS….9.5 lacs should be the price then…..

  4. nayyar says

    Well i have a 2015 Auto 660CC and it gives me a mileage of 18/19 Km/liter with AC within city and 22/23 Km/liter on motorways…..
    Excellent car…..spacious front and back seats and a excellent comfortable drive…..

  5. Muhammad Adil Muhammad Yaseen says

    the picture suggest Ahsan Iqbal inspected the manual car, it is most likely to rock the same sluggish old-age 37 hp engine which comes in mehru as shitzuki policy of offerings in pakistan history suggests, so there is a high chance that u will be paying 1.5 more lacs for the shape changes and nothing else, and even the base variant is going to be at least 10 lacs coz this car should not compete with united bravo otherwise suzuki would have to make it feature rich in order to attract customers for the new car, no good news so far, waiting for KIA PICANTO and DATSUN GO etc..

  6. Muhammad Adil Muhammad Yaseen says

    perhaps they will not provide the rear seats and voila a variant is ready in suzukis language.. u can see the newest offering by suzuki which is ”mega carry extra” they mentioned 2-spoke steering as a feature, because it doesnt even offer you a FM radio player..

  7. Imran Ali says

    Why post pictures with that clown of PMLN who drove our nation down the toilet hole. Our economy is collapsing because of these jokers of PMLN.

    Sorry Pakwheels but your morality standards are way too low. Raise your level!

  8. Guest says

    Wow…. That’s one stupid comment. Typical youthiya.

  9. TiredOfThisShit says

    He had the courage to cite his opinion with his own name, a trait which you lack. Sad and pitiful.

  10. TiredOfThisShit says

    Don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Pak Suzuki is an embarrassment.

  11. Wasim says

    New shape look batter

  12. Adil Khan says

    appreciate your courage … all the way with u bro
    pathetic pakwheels

  13. Muhammad Adil Muhammad Yaseen says

    yeah well said…

  14. Muhammad Adil Muhammad Yaseen says

    this picture included him because he was ur ex minister, no matter what u think but he was on the seat, what the hell u call it a courage or what it is just useless, because pakwheels dont discuss politics on their forum, I am 1 or their biggest critics but this is baseless objection, ur political views are yours alone, u can post these words on ur facebook walls, it aint the place for it.

  15. Muhammad Adil Muhammad Yaseen says

    what if they offer the same mehru engine in this???

  16. muhammad buriro says

    what’s price of it anyone know?

  17. muhammad buriro says

    plz reply

  18. Imran Nihal says

    Well finally a better decision from team suzukii ! Change is must according the market demands and other compititors.
    Price tag is also better , hope for best 🙂

  19. Sohaib Rashid says

    Seems like a good decision, except that I hope that they do provide all the features in the fully loaded version of the car in the Pakistani Market as well. My only grouse in its design is its brake light they are quite weird in shape and the position is also very odd. In my humble opinion not only the the brake light should much more squarer and bigger but also placed higher on the back.

  20. Muhammad Saleem says

    My advised for the Team & owner of suzukii, if you want make success it then please must consider price of this car, automatic model price don’t increase 8.5 lack pak rupees and manual around 8.0 lack

  21. Kashif Ali says

    Well finally a better decision from team Suzuki! Change is must according the market demands and other competitors. But my advised for the Team & owner of Suzuki, if you want make success it then please must consider price of this car, automatic model price don’t increase 8.5 lack pkr and manual around 8.0 lack

  22. Muzammil says

    when will be launch alto in Pakistan 660?

  23. Asad Iqbal says

    when will be launch alto in Pakistan 660?

  24. Ahmad Nadeem says

    It is already Q1 of 2019 and there is no sign of alto 2019, even the mehran is still on sale at PS whats up with Pakwheels news?

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