Spy Shots – Is This The New Suzuki Alto That Will Be Replacing Suzuki Mehran In Pakistan?

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There were rumors that Pak Suzuki has been planning to launch new models in Pakistan along with a multi-million rupee investment. Among those models, Suzuki Celerio was on the top of the list. And then a replacement of Suzuki Mehran as well. But Suzuki Celerio is positioned to be launched at the end of the year, or even possibly next year. But from the looks of it, Pak Suzuki is gearing up to finally launch a replacement of the infamous Mehran.

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The photos of Mr Ahsan Iqbal, the Minister for Planning, Development and Reform, have surfaced inspecting the new generation Suzuki Alto. That is a major piece of news. The photos show the minister sitting in the new car as well. Also, you can see Mr Hirofumi Nagao, the managing director of Pak Suzuki, in the first photo. He has been working as the MD of Pak Suzuki since June 20th, 2008.

The car in the photo is the latest eight generation Suzuki. Before that, it was said that even if Pak Suzuki brings a Mehran substitute, it will be seventh generation shape. But this is no doubt a great news that Pak Suzuki is bringing the latest shape to Pakistan.

There are rumors that the new Alto will come with a 660cc engine mated to a manual gearbox. You can even see the manual gear lever in the third image below. But for now, these are what they are, rumors. We will be updating our readers as soon we get more news about the price and specs of the car or its launch date. 2016 is going to be an exciting year for Pakistani auto scene.

On another note, some have suspected that Pak Suzuki is enticing the Pakistani officials to make them redo the autopolicy in favor of existing auto manufacturers. But these are all speculations. Let’s see how the story unfold.

Ahsan Iqbal Pak Suzuki Alto

Ahsan Iqbal Pak Suzuki Alto

Ahsan Iqbal Pak Suzuki Alto


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  1. Guest says

    The car looks yummy. The shape is reminiscent of the first gen Alto (Suzuki FX).

    5th gear (double top).

    White/light coloured dashboard, fabric seats and lots of leg room. Looks like there is a gaping hole at the location of the glove box. But that can be fitted any time.

    Finally rid of the pathetic 2-spoke steering wheel coming in Mehran.

    Mr minister cannot fit properly, the headroom is too small. Tall people may have to cut their head or shift to Wagon R.

    No projector headlights! .

    The cooling vent for the radiator in the grille is too small. Maybe they would introduce a larger opening for Pakistani summers.

    The wing mirrors look nice, though.

    660cc? No way! The gear ratios would be too short to comfortably drive. They could put the same engine as Wagon R.

    Hope so it comes with a booster brake. Power steering not necessary. Wider tyres? Yes absolutely necessary. At least 155.

    What could be the expected ground clearance?

    Which is that black car on the left? And why are all these cars seen in a no parking zone?

  2. abdullah says

    They shouldn’t replace mehran. They should rather give that angel of a car a facelift, a redo. Is gari sa bohat si yadi juri hoi ha.

  3. Kashif Akbar says

    If this story is true, this is first step in right direction by PS. MD of PS in background do gives a solid evidence of it, but if this happens, we will believe that PS has learned from its past in a better way for now.

  4. GGXD says

    the car looks fine but seats are not looking good.

  5. Osama Saif says

    Great news indeed, Lets hope its price would be same as of Mehran.

  6. Usama Javed says

    Wow. This car is so ugly. -_-

  7. Moaz Malik says

    I’ve been seeing an example of this car (in vomit-colour) tooling around Bahria Town Phase 8, most recently this friday. It’s not registered yet, and looks brand new.

  8. Abdullah says

    i think this is exactly similar shape wise to the Suzuki Alto Launched in Japan in 2016…….seems to be a very good car ……i would suggest Pak Suzuki to add CVT transmission for a added cost of arpund 0.5 Million in the upper trims of this model……..good car…..appreciated……

  9. Naeem says

    Well done Pak Suzuki….bring it soon…….Mehran should die……..

  10. Ali Parvez says

    Best For City Driving 35km per Liter Average Which is Best for Average Person Hope for Best

  11. Guest says

    Vomit colour?

  12. Guest says

    0.5 million = 5 lakh.

  13. Danial Khan says

    Suzuki just want from Gvt. to cancel new auto policy.
    First they offer to Gvt. millions of rupees commission to cancel new auto policy but Gvt. rejected. Then pak suzuki realized the Gvt. is serious about economic reforms. Now they lying to Gvt. that they invest money they produce new models.

  14. Abdullah says

    0.05 Million lol….CVT should be offered for additional 50,000 rupees..

  15. Muhammad Yasir says

    more welcome news would be …

    “is this the new BRAND which will be replacing suzuki in Pakistan?”

  16. A visitor says

    I want to show government that this would be the new car I will bring to Pakistan, if you reform auto policy for me. That car would be a 660cc with the price tag of 8 lacs 75 thousand, manual transmission with fully loaded features. I have made agreement with FAW, TOYOTA and HONDA that I will let u introduce sedans and hatchs , but will never let you to introduce small cars in Pakistan.

  17. A guy says

    Dafuq are u?

  18. guest says

    what u expect seats should be like civic seats…

  19. guest says

    i have mehran its a rip off

  20. Kashif Akbar says

    and to the above text let’s add … ” i will give $$ million per year to you as your share of this public loot-maar.”.

  21. Naeem says

    Wow this car is awesome if they give a CVT transmission in it in Pakistan……i would sell my Honda City 2015 to buy this beaty with excellent fuel economy…….

  22. Saieen says

    Saieen ke kar bhee saieen hai

  23. Hassan Rao says

    Man!! Who gave the idea to install rear lights on bumper O_o ???
    Surely that man needs serious medical treatments

  24. Yousuf Ali says

    Those lights are illegal in Europe, as they then to be too low to be easily visible. Which means this car is going to be rear ended a lot

  25. Junaid says

    Japanese small cars are really ugly.

  26. Tanzeel says

    Even a 0.1 million charge would be fair for cvt , question is will they bring fuel economic, fully loaded car in first place.

  27. Jo says

    Will Renault Kwid be launched in Pakistan? If not is there some way one can import it?

  28. asim says

    who r u

  29. trampoline says

    and Im the most hated brand, I’m Pak Suzuki

  30. Guest says

    With those lights, it going to be rear ended a lot in Pakistan too. Most of the rear ends are done by motorcycles, who damage the paint job and sometimes the 8000 PKR bumper. Then they immediately become the “poor man” and get absolved of all their responsibility.

  31. Smokingaces says

    Nope, most probably not. Because Kwid is assembled in India, and we don’t have official Auto trade with India yet. So it won’t be coming to Pakistan anytime, same as Hyundai Santro, which didn’t come to Pakistan after 2007, not because there was no demand, but te global manufacturing was set in India, that’s why

  32. Muhammed Ovais Alam says

    I will bring crap in Pakistan (which is not selling anywhere) and criminally loot people.

  33. Muhammed Ovais Alam says

    woh jisay dekh kar ‘ulti’ aae 😉

  34. Muhammed Ovais Alam says

    Another crap from Suzuki.

  35. Jo says

    Great so we are basically stuck with ‘crap’ choices with high price tags!! Surely there is some way of bringing it in. What about Suzuki Ignis and Datson Go. Can they be brought to Pakistan. Can we influence Pak Suzuki to bring such models here rather than crap models like Wagon R and the one shown above….

  36. Jo says

    What about importing Renault cars from China? I understand Renault has started production of cars in China. Cant one import Renault from China. Just looked at Renault Captur. Why cant we have such cars here instead of out dated models with crazy prices.

  37. X Auto says

    This one is really ugly… Alto K-10 from India is way better looking !!! if it replaces Mehran, it will be Crap to Crap replacement…

  38. H__3 says

    Bhai – Peechay se bhee le lenee thee – Tasweer!
    This looks like one ugly car btw

  39. Umar says

    Awesome news… Time for fresh air… Ahhh finaly its gone… The most pathatic vichel…

  40. Umar says

    Not a bad car… Way way better than ugly mehran…

  41. Uzair Siddiqui says

    Looking Good but price would be much higher then mehran

  42. Haris Ahmed Dahar says

    All I could say… Mashallah. Why do everyone post senseless negative comments without even thinking? Why do you all guys are still disappointment with this model anyway, because of parts and resale? Oh please, parts and resale aren’t important if you really take care of your car. Just stop comparing with other cars, it doesn’t have any competitor yet. Just wait till its launch.

  43. Atif Maqbool says

    Guys it doesnt look ugly. Now suzuki wants to show japanese face.

  44. Haris Ahmed Dahar says

    Exactly. Modern cars design doesn’t matter at all.

  45. JahanZaib Yousaf says

    Poor Pakis Getting 13 year old car design now by Suzuki.

  46. Ahmed Azar says

    This is one UGLY looking car!! for those who are appreciating it should also consider that we are paying ton loads of money for a piece of crap. I don’t understand how people can see a bright side to this, have we become so complaisant that we will accept just about everything for any price? I think FAW 1300 is a much better option than ANY of Suzuki products and the price is also much more reasonable. Suzuki has been in Pakistan since forever, but they have still not been able to build a decent car. Their only reasonable model was the 1000cc Swift / Khyber. The rest is TOTAL JUNK!

  47. Daywalker says

    Blimey! What an absolute disgust of a car.

  48. CAR says

    8th Generation wali body mai ye 7th Generation Engine dy rahy hain fuel consumption 7 to 10 kilometer ka farq hai 7th aur 8th Generation Engine mai.

  49. Haris Ahmed Dahar says

    I guess people don’t know about this car anyway…..

  50. Kamran Ejaz says

    Even if one does not like the appearance of this car at least one should remember that its finally replacing that shitty mehran and guys please anything is better than a mehran

  51. farok sayer says

    In pakistan you wait six months after payment to receive your car pay witholding tax when u buy a car, pay tax when u register a car and then FBR send you a notice saying ordinance no so and so and show how you got the money to buy your car.What a country!!

  52. Abdur Razak says

    awesome mileage….

  53. Saieen says

    Cool car…..

  54. Salik says

    this car is one of the most famous cars in japan in 2016

  55. Guest again says

    Is this fuel consumption figure also affected by the recent news on PW blog which says that Suzuki also cheated on the fuel economy tests for JDM models?

  56. Vision powers says

    it would be priced around 9 lacs 25 thousand (manual version) with all features excluding air bags in Pakistan. acc to stats it would be available by the end of 2017.

  57. Jaisem says

    Don’t know when it will come, I am going to buy this car , offering 3 years of warranty.

  58. Ayaz says

    I love suzuki because lots of choice

  59. annonymous says

    its actually here for quite some time… you can even buy used on olx or pakwheels

  60. Sultan Kiani says

    You nailed it!

  61. Sultan Kiani says

    1. Mehran will stay as “entry level car(t)”
    2. It’ll cost around 875K to 950K Rupees
    3. No airbags, No ABS and No security system
    4. It will stay for another 15 years without any changes
    5. Auto Policy would be amended to block EU car makers.
    6. Good luck Pakistani people, your fate is sealed, your next generations will drive Alto 8th gen for next 40 years!

  62. Sultan Kiani says

    Looks like he’s so much inspired by Suzuki Every Van and Pickup

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