Video: Watch Drifting All-Electric Nissan Leaf That Reached British Drifting Championship

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Well lets be honest, we love to talk about drifting, but it is not that easy if you are planning to make yourself a proper drift machine. Not everyone can afford to spend money on making a vehicles that is only going to be used for one and only one purpose only. Enthusiasts and professional competitors pour literally thousands of dollars in making a car that can go slide around corners in style. The drifting Lamborghini and Audi R8 are prime example of such extreme cars.

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But what if all you own is a front wheel drive electric vehicle but drifting is life?! Well that was the question Matt Prior, the editor at the Autocar website, facing as well. Matt own a Nissan Leaf that is a proper electric car, and is not even a hybrid.

Matt was able to drift the car at more than 80 km/h. But he had to use plastic tyres in the rear to make the backend of the electric car to slide that only makes around 100hp.

Nissan Leaf is not supposed to do all this but if you are stubborn enough, you can make any car do kinds of stuff. Here is just only example of a car owner that made his electric car to drift enough and was able to reach British Drifting Championship series.

Enjoy the video:

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