Suzuki Celerio AMT Transmission: Here’s All You Need To Know About It

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Pakistan is going to see a plethora of Suzuki Celerio on its roads from next year. The Celerio was first launched in India by Maruti Suzuki in February 2014 and our sources have confirmed that in 2016, Pak Suzuki will discontinue the Suzuki Cultus and introduce Suzuki Celerio in its place.

The most prominent feature about the Celerio is its Automated-Manual Transmission (AMT). The AMT technology, coming originally from the renowned Formula One cars transmission tech, allows drivers to change manual gears without depressing or releasing the clutch pedal manually. This technology has been named as EZ drive by Maruti Suzuki. It ensures comfort of use and promises a significant reduction in fuel consumption, as compared to the conventional Automatic transmission.

Now let me explain the AMT thoroughly:

AMT is basically the technology that almost all of the super car industry is using. The main concerns of using this in super cars is not only the ease of drive but to reduce the shift time and sublime deliverance of power from the engine to the wheels via the transmission. What a super car AMT uses is a very complex system of dual clutches where one clutch plate disengages the gear from the transmission and meanwhile, the other clutch does its job of engaging the next or selected gear. A very high-end super car would take a fraction of a second to this whole job, that’s the reason they’re called SUPER CARS too.

Italian automotive parts maker Magneti Marelli, says that the AMT consists of an electronic control unit and a robotic arm that manages the use of the clutch and gear shifting, letting the driver to change gear without manually using the clutch, either sequentially or fully automatically. It basically means a manual transmission but with a brain; it opens and closes the clutch, uses the gears as and when required and controls the choice of transmission mode.

The concept of this technology is simple. A manual transmission controlled by a system of electrical devices which chooses the gear themselves or let the driver choose the gear manually and engage, disengage in their own way. It ensures the ease of drive of an automatic and delivers superb fuel economy of a manual. It is very much sure that the AMT offered in the Celerio is not going to be super car stuff but it is going to be the very first car in its class with AMT technology in local market.

Maruti Celerio’s kit offers a 10 year or 160,000 kms warranty which is actually pretty appealing and promising at the same time.
Maruti claims that the AMT would deliver a mileage of 23.1 km/l. Since the Celerio is powered by a 1.0l, 3 Cylinder K10 engine, this figure sounds very impressive.

So, its just a matter of an year now, then we’re going to find this very same technology being used in a car that you can buy here in Pakistan and I hope that the engine offered in it is also going to be a new one rather than the old G10.


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  1. Rashid Hameed says

    Its cheap shape means a failure even before arrival. Suzuki should learn that their perception is so so bad in Pakistan that it will take something out of the world to sell anything new here. Learn from wagon R. even imported one failed here before suzuki started assembling here.

  2. Umer says

    Pak Suzuki is not discontinuing cultus in 2016, they will probably will do it at a later stage

  3. Muhammad Hamza Shahid says

    k10 is already being used in wagonr so no issue there. the thing you should be concerned about is that probably paksuzuki wont provide a amt but rather go with a mt

  4. Abbas Khan says

    The car looks Ugly. Also, very hard to imagine Pak Suzuki wouldn’t cut corners and offer a version without AMT to keep their margins up. They’re spoiled by selling $4000-5000 cars for almost double the price in Pakistan.

  5. Atif says

    I have used this kind of transmission in a Ford Falcon but I am not sure if it was AMT or not. You get to choose if you want to select D for automatic or the manual gears. Those manual gears are jerky without the clutch and no fun to drive.

    I dont understand people who say its ugly. Its a nice looking car. You want to see an ugly car selling like hot cakes, go see a corolla with a Kim Kardashian Ass!! …. yukh

  6. Abdullah says

    I don’t find anything wrong with the shape plus this car seems fairly reasonable.. Besides having driven WagonR myself (and I have to admit it has a wonderful drive despite whatever shape) I believe such cars will be good addition in Suzuki product line for Pakistani market..

  7. HassaanM says

    At least it would look better than that dabba of a Wagon R.

  8. Bil says

    Agrressive styling. Its high time we get such cars in Pakistan.

  9. Ali Irfan says

    Same transmission is being used in Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8; both in Grande and the other one with lesser features.

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