Pak Suzuki to replace Cultus with this new hatchback in 2016

We spent the better part of last year lamenting the fact that our industry is stagnant when compared to India’s automotive industry, which operates in a similar socioeconomic condition. State Bank of Pakistan also came out in support of our stance. The evidence is everywhere, as we’re stuck with the likes of Suzuki Mehran and Suzuki Cultus along with a few other cars, and PAMA’s consistent pressure tactics on the government to tilt the new auto policy in its favor.

Change is inevitable. With an increase in the use of internet, rise of social media, and increased presence of well-equipped imported cars on the roads, the automakers are forced to change or be known as evil corporations hell bent on ripping the consumers of Pakistani off.

After fighting for over five years, 2014 became the bearer of great news with the arrival of Yamaha Motor Company in Pakistan, promptly followed by the pictures of what to expect from Yamaha on PakWheels’ Forums.

Just a few weeks after that, photos of 2017 bound Toyota Yaris emerged followed by the news confirming Indus Motors’ plans to launch two new models in the Pakistani market, and last weekend Honda Atlas reduced one million rupees on Honda CR-Z to match the prices of imported CR-Z.

This is not it. Earlier this morning, the news of Pak Suzuki’s plan to introduce its high-end luxury sedan in Pakistan was published with a tentative launch within 6 months. Looks like the auto industry is finally shifting gears.

When we thought we have had enough exciting news for the decades to come, considering our industry, an insider at Pak Suzuki called me up to provide information about Pak Suzuki’s plans for 2016. According to my source, Pak Suzuki is planning to finally phase out the Suzuki Cultus in favor of a very new and exciting hatchback with plans to localize it like the Swift, plans which have already been put into motion.

However, my source did not mention the name of the hatchback directly, rather he told me that it is the same car which Top Gear reviewed in February 2014. A simple Google search revealed what I was looking for. The first result read, “We review the Maruti Suzuki Celerio – Top Gear”.

The exciting hatchback is Suzuki Celerio. A car which debuted in November 2013 at the Thailand International Motor Expo and later launched in February 2014 at the Auto Expo in New Dehli.

The Suzuki Celerio 2016 is built completely on a new platform and features a 1.0 liter 3-cylinder engine which goes by the name of K10B. The new engine comes from the next generation of the award-winning K-series engine family called the K-Next series. The car is specially designed for city driving and is equipped with a one of its kind automated manual transmission.

The new transmission system offers a manual transmission with a clutchless experience, meaning the driver can seamlessly change gears without having the need to depress the clutch pedal. Suzuki Celerio Pakistan might come with CVT.

Other than that, the car has a beautiful interior and sort of a sporty exterior which awfully resembles the Toyota Etios Liva. The car is beautiful nonetheless unlike our beloved Suzuki Wagon R.

The Celerio is expected to launch somewhere around the mid of 2016 with no confirmed date as yet. It is very surprising that Pak Suzuki is actually thinking of bringing a newer car in the Pakistani market. I mean the Celerio was only launched in 2014 globally. Suzuki is under a lot of pressure to regain their declining market share and taking desperate measures. The discontinuation of Suzuki Alto, the failure of Wagon R and the introduction of FAW V2 have really made the people at Suzuki jump in their seats. Suzuki Celerio price in Pakistan is yet to be known.

The dynamics of the auto industry of Pakistan are changing for the better and we are hoping that the year 2016 would mark the revival of the local auto industry in the country.


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Fahad Ullah

I build products and review cars for PakWheels. I am also famous for typing more words than anyone wants to read.

  • cultus atleast looked good.. this looks like crap.

  • WaleedFarrukh

    What would be the price range?

  • Sikandar khan

    cultus looked good 😛 Joke of da year

  • Atif

    Good news, we need more of them Modern small cars but 2016 is too farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • blankMind

    Cultus lacks comfort but performance wise it is very good.

  • Azam

    At the very least it looks better than the Wagon R and performance wise ….. well time will tell.

  • Danish Sohail

    Not impressed by its look. But I can swallow anything as a replacement of cultus. Though clutchless transmission is great news. I always want it but it might hit milage.

  • Osama Rashid

    V2 of FAW motors is much much better than this crap :@

  • Naveed Ahmed

    mehran ki b replacement krdo bhai…

  • arslan

    sirf roof lower kardo agar cultus ka naam kharab nahi karna chahty pak suzuki wale…. roof bohat zyada utha di tata nano ki this saloon type not suv type..

  • Waqas Ghazanfar

    O thank you so much for discontinuing this Teen dabba over-priced cultus… Now do us a favour and remove mehran too plz

  • Rashid Hameed

    well the shape of car says it will surely be wagonR 2. a huge failure. even a decade old cultus still better in looks than this. although pak suzuki is a specialist in insulting it customer so expect anything. pak suzuki can only produce garbage.

  • Usman Mansoor

    Its a tiny car I must say, its been in dubai for almost a year now. Its price is around 31-41K aed.

  • Ahsan Khan

    This looks shitty tbh

  • Hope its fairly priced, not like all other low quality, over priced cars by pak suzuki.

  • unsubcribe

    Barkan Saeed

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    Cell US : +16023997932
    Cell Pakistan : +923005554626

  • M Hasnain

    Bhai Inko Bolo Gari nahi banani tu nahi banaey, ayse Mazak tu nahi karre.
    Just look at the shape for a car in 2015!! It would be better if they called it 2nd edition for Mehran, at least Cultus don’t deserve replacement for this kind of shape and look. YUCCK!!!

  • What else you can expect from suzuki but still it seems better than current models being sold in Pakistan.

  • Babar Siddiqui

    yaar replacing Cultus with this, this is completely shit, The world is going beyond expectations and we are going into stone age enough of these rickshaw cars, please and yes the wagon R kiya sooch k launch ki thi. Useless

  • Waqas Ahmed Tamimi

    When is it coming I have just ordered a Cultus Euro II, shall I cancel it?

  • babar munir

    these companies design their products according to the mentality of pakistani ppl.. how on earth you pay more thn 7+lakh for a rubbish car mehran whn you have lot of better option in terms of of Japanese cars with having low price

  • waqas

    wah bhai wah kya mazak ha awam ka sath this hachback looks cope of Mehran and Wagon R

  • The one in India on the AMT does around 23 kpl so I am hoping it would at least do 17kpl easily on our fuel.

  • Shahid Mehmood

    i agree its shape is not very impressive but still better than Wagon R, and dont blame PAK suzuki for the shape as its not designed by Pak Suzuki,.. Pak Suzuki can only mold ugly grills (cultus, mehran new grills) and Useless tail lights(crystal tail lights of cultus).

    and IMO, Cultus is good in Looks and it is only good in its Looks. Its comfort and build quality is very very poor, Cultus owner surely face many issues of noisy cabin and poor door locks very often

  • Jeddy Khan

    Wagon R is downright ugly

  • Farrukh Sayyar

    it was a tin can on four wheels what a joke

  • Farrukh Sayyar

    there are 1800 car cos in china ,why cant we have competition in pk???

  • Engineer B

    Better in looks than wagon R?
    r u serious???

  • Manager II

    y everybody is criticizing wagon R?
    isn’t it good looks wise or anything else?

  • E Suzuki

    wagon-R ugly??

  • E Suzuki

    is wagon R realy ugly???

  • Shahid Mehmood

    “Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder” 😉 Anyway you really think its beautiful.. it resembles like old version of Santro (2000) , when Santro hits the market, ppl said, it looks like a Rickshaw .

    in my opinion Cultus shape is BETTER than Wagon R. Wagon R never used as a family car in Japan its a delivery WAGON used for light weight goods transfer, same like Probox, Every, AD. 🙂

  • Majid Rehman

    Looks like a replacement for Alto and not Cultus.

    Waqas go for Cultus,

  • haroon

    I bought wagon r few days ago. I love it. More stylish and comfortable than cultus. In last days i drove it 2000 km and really enjoyed it. I already drove cultus bt wagn r is far better than cultus.

  • haroon

    U r wrong my bro. Wagon r is nt delivery van. In last year 16000 units in india and 2000 in Pakistan was sold.

  • haroon

    My dear u hv no japan car in pak in 7 lacs. If u r right then give me any name of new japan car in 7 lacs. We can blame mehran bt we hv no new option in this range. My dear mehran is br 1 selling car in pak. We cant ignore decision of majority

  • Shahid Mehmood

    Mehran is no 1 not because of its quality or durability but because of its easy and cheap availability of spares, maintenance. and if you compare its price with the features it offers it really a very over priced car.

    You can compare Cultus vs V2, V2 is offering much more than Cultus or even swift, still its cheaper than the Cultus or Swift. so u can say its a cheaper car..

  • Shahid Mehmood

    read my comment again, i said, “In JAPAN” these cars are used for delivery wan purpose, not in Pakistan or India.. and yeah i agree that Wagon R is much more comfortable and offering much more than Cultus, but i was commenting on its shape that in my opinion its not better than Cultus shape. 🙂

  • Heaven Hunter

    Any body know what will be next to coure?

  • Heaven Hunter

    Wagon-R is a farigh thing i guess! I guess suzuki is going to launch Ritz or Celerio or both in Pakistan. The success of these models will depends upon the prize.

  • Muhammad Bilal Arif

    Say what you may, and its true that the quality of the latest Cultus sucks but it gives the best driving experience in a large price range due to being low profile.

  • Abdullah Javaid

    Any new car that comes in the market people are initially reluctant to buy but later you see that car every where on roads because people don’t have a choice. But regarding wagon R I seriously doubt about the success of this car.

  • Abdullah Javaid

    Agreed. Engine and milage wise wagon R is better than cultus. and obvisouly with few accessories like power window(only front doors :-)) and power stearing. But honestly despite being an old obsolete car cultus is still more tough and has a more sensible design and drive than wagon R. Cultus has better control and is more stable on the long routes driving.

  • Shahid Mehmood

    im 101% agreed with you on this; Santro is one example, it has the same story, but you can still found many Santro’s on Karachi and RWP/ISB roads. it was later tagged as ladies car (maybe coz of durability)

  • Shahid Mehmood

    the biggest joke they have done with Wagon R is the tire size 145mm on a 13″ rim..

  • Shahid Mehmood

    what you wanna say i cant understand? are u praising Cultus for its High Price and Low Offerings?

  • Muhammad Bilal Arif

    All i am saying is cultus is a lot more exciting to drive compared to other cars in its range.

  • M Akhtar Wagan

    Please intimate price in Pakistani Rs. Automatic or manual & CC

  • Shahid Mehmood

    then the same goes with Mehran, its a lot more to drive in the category of its price range, alas we dont have much opportunity in our country. I have checked a JDM cultus (1996 model same shape) it was much more better than what we are getting in local cultus, they have stripped of many good features from it, they dont even properly dumped the noise/sounds in the cabin. and the list goes on n on…

  • Lazy Sapper

    At one point you say, “our beloved Wagon R” and at the end, you say “failed Wagon R”, so what to believe? If it is beloved, why would it be flopped? May be you should proof read article to rectify ‘what the hell you are posting’. Quite frankly, Wagon R is not that ugly. At least, it is much better than old lady Cultus, and the correct use of hard money instead of wasting it on buying fraudulent refurbished cars thrown away by Japanese. People are stupid enough to buy those repainted, odometer reversed imported junk. And this Celerio, it also looks ugly. How about that?

  • jehanzeb

    R&D department of suzuki must b fired.

  • Saqib Sabih

    Car seems good provided they keep its price under 10 lakh. Gosh 10 lakh is a life time saving.

  • Zohaib

    yes! seriously! da whole nation thinks the same.

    apart from u offcourse, who is just another suzuki representative (who like thinks differently then its actual buyers!)

  • Vital Souls

    Lol its same as mehran not comfertable as i saw Suzuki never made any good car after Khyber that was their best

  • bandit Suzuki?

    A suggestion for pak suzuki, assemble four chairs on a platform with 4 wheels. Price it between 1million to 2million pkr. Proclaim your self as the makers of the best passenger car in the whole of Pakistan or bring vehicles like kizashi and price=number of geniuses in pakistan (I am one them).

  • wagon yes.

    Wagon r is one of the best cars. Too bad price of the car does not justify its uniqueness. It has to be priced in the range of a billion pkr.

  • pak zindabad

    No, they have to be BBQ’d.

  • Rizwan

    Dear your said 100% truth, but you forgot to mention one more slogan of suzuki, “LOCAL INDUSTRY”.
    They are cheating us with this word. No any improvement in technology. I never heard any SUZUKI LOCAL INDUSTRY CAR with air bags. Basic security and facilities like ABS, Power stearing, AT are all hell expensive here

  • Fahad

    Bro check again in india Wagon r is flop…maruti suzuki sale swift nd celerio far more than wagon r

  • Fahad

    Kya pak ma iski testing start hoi

  • Fahad

    Its much better than cultus and wagon r in every aspect guyz…Welcome this beauty

  • Fahad

    Agar iss k interior ko ap swift ya compare karoo tab b yahi zyda points lai gi…it will b successful car if its price tag is less than base model of swift

  • Fahad

    Gud joke man…at least this car has design cultus k kya design or shape ha….aur cultus ma baith jao tu ya lagta u r touching road

  • Fahad

    Bro me agree with you lakin faw also suck you by launching faw v2 instead of faw oley…both cars have almost same price tag in china…but they bring v2 which has less features as compare to oley

  • Abdussalam Asif

    I am quite surprised to read about it as celerio is a small size hatch.while cultus is by all means bigger in size. Well lets see what they do.have been recently in Pakistan & what the writer has said is true. Media & inyernet have opened eyes of Pakistani buyers & they are right in demanding better vehicles.. not the ones which have been obsolete in rest of world. (Talking of Suzuki in particular).

  • Mudassir

    Cultus is better than Celerio ..

  • Faisal

    Suzuki Should go for this

  • Umar

    As you said Japaneses ugly cars are fraud and all that, brother even those cars are repaired painted or what ever their built much better then pakistani shity car industry mafia

    The feature they are offering in Kashki 50k car all the features are available in Mitsubishi Mirage hatchback…

    so think before you speak

  • SajjadK

    I am sure that this car would sunk the Suzuki’s expectation to remain in the market as the so called old models internationally launched in 2013 would be brought here to see if the public is still fool pick the scrap,,,no way that would be a blunder…

  • Malik Majid Iqbal Awan

    muje to nai lagta k cultus ko suzuki band ker rahi hay. mehran and cultus ye to suzuki ki shan hain.alto ko band ker k wagnor ayi, and wagnor ne suzuki liana ki tarha loss diya. wagnor vxl start hui 1080,000 say abhi hay 999,000 ki vxl wagnor. wagnor k front acha banayia but back and front two seats main bohat ugly hay.wagnor say alto ki shape achi hay. wagnor ko vitz 2007 ki shape deni chiye thi. cultus ki jaga agar celerio agar pakistan main aye go to iss ki starting price 11.50.000 ho gi,

  • Malik Majid Iqbal Awan

    wagnor ko car nai loader van kaha ja sakta hay wagnor suzuki bolan carry daba ka latest version lagta hay

  • Suzuki really should consult the general (Car Enthusiast) public for designs.. More like “What new design should Suzuki make?” on their website..

  • zunair ameer

    Just saw my brother driving my mum’s cultux on my way to village and was amazed that he had to switch AC off just to overtake.

    So much for excitement. It’s 2012 model less than 15k driven and serviced by suzuki.

  • Muhammad Bilal Arif

    Well that does happen when you are on CNG.

  • zunair ameer

    Well to clarify the car in discussion was on petrol from factory and still is.

  • farrukh

    ye mehran jo more than 20 years old model hai.whole world main band ho chuki hai, aur ye duniya ki aakhri car hai jis main kamaaniyan hain. ab to bohat hogai isko band kar dain khuda k wastay. jitni iski price le rahey hain ye to tol k bhi itnay ki nahi hai. 27% government ka share hai paksuzuki main aur acc to one news paper 34% tax gov take on every car.

  • farrukh

    In india suzuki gives Abs and airbags in even small cars also see the price difference there and here, even if we calculate in our currency even then we are buying expensive cars of suzuki in pakistan then indians. Suzuki is just fooling people with old obsolete scrap of Mehran and Cultus.

  • farrukh

    In pakistan small engine affordable cars should be launched. Like Japanese reconditioned small engine cars have much more features then our big cars and even cheaper .suzuki to hell with this.

  • Faisal Dammar

    yar ye kab market main aay gi koi bta dy

  • Syed Naveed

    Wagon R to waqai daba type lagti h . Guzarti h to car nae jeep ya ven lagti h. Badqismati se hmary pak me hr koi paisy kamana janta h awaam k mehnat ki kamaai ka inko ahsaas nae. Mehran me kamani ya shape to door ki baat ek sterio tape lagany me ye kangaal hojaty h jb k keematy hr saal barha dety ho. India m gadio ki price b normal h or interior b jb k yaha 30 sal se mehran nae badli na cultus bdli to price.celerio ka exterior shape ghatia h mgr interior best h. Khuda ko mano 2016 araha h kuch to pak wheel walo karo.ya subky comnts parh k ura doga hukmirano ki tarah.wo to apki cars m bethty tak nae jn me bethty h wai 4 sal bd change hoti h toyota,honda ki bat kr raha ho. hm awam bethty h to plz thnk abt it .Rates barhaty ho to facilities b barhao. Tabhi to india waly hasty h hm p k ye kal b wai thy aj b yae h

  • Amar Lal

    i have just cancel my cultus car booking of 2015 model to book this one prize 1109000

  • zohaib

    Are you sure pak suzuki has started booking ? Last time ic hecked with pak suzuki showroom they were unaware of launching any new model.

  • Abid

    Is pak suzuki has started the booking for celerio?

  • Zeeshan Nasir

    Is it true?Tell Please

  • Zeeshan Nasir

    Yes Agree

  • waseem

    koi suzuki celerio pakistan main nai a rai mere bhai. suzuki ne alto disconnect ker k wagnor main loss khayia and alto ka purchaser abb cultus pe a gia hay abb agar cultus disconnect hui to imported car ki demand ho jaye gi and suzuki walaun ko loss ho ga so cultus 2017 tak ati rahy gi. my brother is engineer in pak suzuki motors karachi he told me.

  • Kamran Safdar

    Suzuki should not ban cultus especially for suzuki celerio.

  • Waqas Baloch

    Suzuki wale sirf logon ko bewafoq bana kar paise chaap rahe hain rates high but cars local dabba 25 – 30 sal porane shapes suzuki walon ki mehran ko hi dekh lo pori world mai sirf pakistan mai hi available hai 25 sal mai sirf engine hi change howa hai inko suzuki celerio cultus k bajae mehran sy replace krni chahiye.

  • ali

    suzuki should give additinal features in cultus lower the price aur increse the acessories like powerwindow,pwersteering, a change in interior but never ban this one of the most sucessful car.

  • Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Khan

    Cultus is a beautiful car. But unluckily Pak Suzuki Motors is going to change its shape.New Suzuki Selerio is like a soap box.Pakistani are beauty lovers and unfortunately Pak Suzuki products( all models except Mehran & Cultus) are 100,000 miles away from beauty.Other Motor Companies like Toyota and Honda has launched their nice,beautiful and Fantastic designs but Pak Suzuki lives in a well like a Frog. Very,very and very SAD.

  • Usman Afzal

    i also stop booking of cultus 2015 waiting for celerio its very comfortable car…. but suzuki rawalpindi said it will announce in 2017 and cultus will come again with powerstaring

  • Ali

    sir tell me is suzuki planning to bring new model of swift in 2016 or 2017. ask your brother about it

  • Hunain

    Haha acha hum tou chane bechtey hain pak Suzuki mein aur wo e chane lene Japan bh gae they celerio thodi :p lol

  • Nadia Butt

    Aoa,please inform me kya Suzuki Alto 2016 model Pakistan mn launch Ho rha ha???if yes to iss ki launch date and expected rate k bary mn b bta dyn

  • Kamran

    Suzuki wallon ko Allah pochay ga is company nay pori Pakistan Quom ko jitna bawaqoof bana lia shayad hi koi or nay aisa kia hoga. aaj tak ya company apni her product per andha duhand paisay demand karti rahi or loog daytay rahay koi aik car batoo jis ki theek qeemat logoon say wasool ki gi ho. I hate these cheater

  • ali

    Hottest article of 2015, looks a lie in 2016

  • Mian Ubedullah

    disappointed , in culyus 2016 model all they did is just put alloys and painted the side molding and mirrors which looks hideous.