Suzuki Kizashi to be launched in Pakistan within 6 months

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Suzuki Kizashi competes with the old, more established guns of the affordable mid-size segment of the automotive market namely; Honda Accord and Toyota Camry however, it has received positive press around the world with some auto-pundits, such as Motor Trend going as far as saying that the Kizashi is better than Accord. Despite that fact, Suzuki lost its ground in the US and isn’t faring so well in China either.

The model Kizashi isn’t to be blamed for Suzuki’s lack of success in either of the countries, but rather the lack of models which contributed to Suzuki’s ouster from US and the depleting sales figures in China. In the US, the problem was largely due to the fact that Suzuki’s dealer network was a mess and to top it off, Suzuki didn’t have much of a portfolio to offer so after reaching peak sales figures of around 100,000 units in 2006 and 2007, everything just went downhill from then on.

In China though, Kizashi didn’t do so well unfortunately and Suzuki was seen offering discounts/incentives to bring the prices down from $28,877 to $22,791 however, Suzuki isn’t giving up on China as easily as it did on the US. Kizashi’s successor model was spotted testing in China in, around May 2014 so while Pakistan may just be getting the Kizashi here, China is preparing for the new model.


So it makes perfect sense now, the world bids farewell to the Kizashi and we’re preparing to welcome it.

Regardless of that, it is a great car and IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) ranked the car’s safety as “good”, the other car to get it was Accord while Camry and Prius V were ranked poor. So there’s that!

The engine is Suzuki’s in-house developed 2.4 liter DOHC inline four-cylinder which produces 185 HP and 170 lb.-ft. of torque while you can have the vehicle with a CVT which reduces the horsepower to 180 or, keep the 5 additional ponies with a manual transmission.

Granted, all these things are China and US specific as other than the fact that Suzuki is working furiously to introduce the Kizashi here (expected within the next 6 months), we don’t know what options will it receive here but the car has some good options.

The base version is offered with standard push button start, sport front seats, steering wheel audio controls, automatic dual-zone climate control with passenger rear vents, stability control, 8 airbags and integrated-chromed dual exhaust tips but we can’t be sure however, the Accord price in the US starts at 22,000 $ and the Kizashi also starts from that range but while Accord’s price climbs up to 32,000 $ (V6 Accord), Kizashi stays within 25,000 $.

We’ve received confirmed reports from multiple sources that Kizashi is en route to Pakistan and Pak Suzuki has all the marketing materials and other stuff ready to launch it in Pakistan. We’ve also got to know that Pak Suzuki is importing the Kizashi like they brought in Grand Vitara, for their senior management and the leftovers were sold to the public but here’s hoping it will be cheaper than an Audi A3 otherwise, just don’t bother.

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  1. askarian says

    Yet another car for a very VERY limited market segment. Our car manufacturers will never learn I guess.

  2. Khizer Jalal says

    Too good to be true

  3. Muneebullah Siddiqui says

    Introduxing a 2.4 will make the price ridiculous if they dont want it to flop here aswell they should go with a turbo 1.8 with nearly similar power to 2.4 and slot it cheaper than the loaded civic.This car will be a supersuccess then otherwise no future……

  4. Muhammad Fad says

    If they launch in 1.8 than em 1st to buy this becoz it much better than ridiculous grande

  5. Rahatullah Mallick says

    I am kind of wondering that knowing our market preferences who looks at a Camry, an Accord, a Galant or maybe even an old E class and then says no, I want a suzuki

  6. Zubair Hayder says

    Suzuki needs to discontinue Liana at once as its most miserable sedan in this class replace it with Kizashi with two variants 1.6 and 2.4 to complete with lower price points with city aspire/civic combo and GLi/Grande combo otherwise the glory road for suzuki would detour as its destined to otherwise!

  7. Mosab says

    Suzuki had stopped the manufacturing of Liana….just selling already manufactured.
    people will only buy it if near 1.3 to 1.6 cc
    2-3 million price slab already have excellent options Prius, Civic, E-class etc

  8. Guy Chauhan says

    this look way better then new civic. keep it up bringin in the variety. (I can’t even afford mehran yet and here i’m commenting..pffsh) whatever i like what i see (Y)

  9. Kashif K Malik says

    I really don’t understand, why don’t suzuki replace Mehran. Since 1989 same shape and same features, except Euro-II engine. Safety & security is ‘Nil’.
    Suzuki Kizashi isn’t replacement of Cultus. Cultus is in range of upper middle class community, this Kizashi will be I think around 2.5 to 3 Million rupees, which will be not in range of middle class.
    In Cultus also, since 2000, same features, except Euro-II engine. Safety & Security is ‘Nil’.
    All we know in Pakistan, roads aren’t so much comfortable and safe, why car manufacturers don’t give priority to safety and security, like airbags, ABS etc.

  10. Kashif K Malik says

    True, in Mehran what we’ve; just 4 wheels & a stearing? Nil security or other features. I bought 2014 Mehran for Rs. 685,000 all together Registration & AC. Now I am regretting to have this, trying to sell, but not getting good price.

  11. Farhan Akram says

    The car is indeed beautiful, let’s see how the company places it in the market.

  12. TIPUSULTAN says


  13. H__3 says

    It looks nice but I wouldnt pay 2.5 Million for a Suzuki. WIll you?

  14. Shahid Turab says

    very attractive, the price is also competitive when we compare the other 2.4s like Accord or Camry of model 2015.
    i guess many people can be get convinced if the all shown shine is there in everything with a price around 2.2-2.3m.
    i will be the one to move to a Zero model current year 2.4 when its introducing in Pakistan for the first time along with the one of the most successful brand already exist.
    i guess it gonna definitely give a hard knock to the increasing trend of price in HONDA and TOYOTA.

  15. Raza Malik says

    Suzuki are out of their minds to try to compete with Honda Accord or Camry , here or anywhere. The brand image just doesn’t makes sense. Who will prefer a unknown high end car from Suzuki to Accord , Camry or even Civic ? It’s not the matter of his many airbags it has or steering wheel has audio control !!

  16. Raza Malik says

    Suzuki should have tried to make cultus better so that it could compete with Vitz & other small cars. Trying to beat Accord or Camry ! What are they smoking nowadays ?

  17. Farrukh Sayyar says

    its a failure in saudi with its price of 70,000 sr as camry starts at 76,000 .I dont know what price they will charge in Pk.

  18. Muhammad Mansoor says

    Oh, wow. Another flop chosen by the PakSuzuki to ruin more or may be given to PakSuzuki as it being an awful failure all around the world.
    PakSuzuki if you are reading this, Please for gods sake. Please make the cars better that you already launched in market then you can come up with something that has miserably failed in all around the world we will be happy.

  19. rashid says

    I’m sorry it may not be an appropriate reply to your post! but..

    The problem here is the leadership sitting in Pak Suzuki, Honda Atlas, Toyota (all the pakistani car manufacturers really) don’t look it this way. They want to make more money without introducing new tech and without keeping pace with the rest of the world, plus the corrupt government makes it ever so easy for them to achieve this without letting new businesses set up here or let alone other manufacturers building their plants here.

    We need some revolutionary thinkers and leaders who step up and change the way we think about our country, how we do business and change the way the world sees us as cheating, corrupt, dishonest and backward.

    An easier way to do this without waiting is to stop buying shit local cars and buy some imported (thanks to importers!) vitz, axio, premio and whole lot of others. This will and is making the manufacturers realize what they are doing is absurd and may be think to change their game fast ( i hope they do)

    And considering I love bikes a lot, a freakin 250cc costs around ~8 lacs while it sells for half the price for a new one in rest of the world! (had look at import duties on bikes and my head nearly blew off) makes me think WTF is the givernment doing. Its time to move on from 70s and 125s!
    (not saying that we banish them, that will be stupid ) but atleast let the big bikes have some Pakistani air too!

  20. Ahmad says

    above 15 Lac’s

  21. Ahmad says

    1200.000 tak ho to thik hai nhi to farigh,

  22. kichu says

    then how much for swift?

  23. abbas khan mohmand says

    if this is in range of 15 lack so this wil be prety good,,other wise toyota corrla is so best nd stylish for us in pak also price is so parfect,, plz mention the price of this car in. pakistani ruppies,,

  24. Hamza Alam says

    For those comparing it with corolla, this car is in a whole different league. It is bigger than corolla and better than it. Its the first sedan in pak that also has four wheel drive. A car for those who love to drive

  25. Ali RaZa Chang says

    we saw it in june 2014 …. we were on internship in #PAK_SUZUKI ,.,,,, and no they won’t launch it since it’s damn too expensive , we argued and urged for every possibility …. while they replied that #CULTUS will be ended and in 2017 there would be another hatchback introduced 😛 ….. and if they introduce KIZASHI well it’s going to be flithy in quality and shit …. it’s not possible . these people don’t have MARRIAGE_CHASIS facility ….. the very reason to end production of only 4×4 #POTOHAR

  26. Kamran Sabir says

    this car is 2400cc and after imposing duties and texas it will aroud Rs 1 crore, like Honda Accord and Toyota camary ranging Rs 1 crore and these car are also 2400 cc.

  27. Amer Fareed says

    to improve security in Pakistan made cars our Govt. must take some action. but these big giants bribe them and just earning money. japanese old cars are much better then brand new Pakistan made cars…..i suggest govt should allow import of all brands with less duty, taxes then these local makers will become BANDAY DE PUTAR….

  28. Saif Khan says

    Its not for a production in Pakistan, its only imported for their executives. I have seen few of these in Pak Suzuki and there is no plan of its local production so far.

  29. rashid says

    “toyota corrla is so best nd stylish for us in pak”

    Are you sure that all Pakistanis are content with the Toyota’s offerings and you don’t want to look at anything new?

  30. junaid says

    lol bhai jan 15 lack 50 lack ki bat karo

  31. junaid says

    another lol 12 lack 50 lack ki bat kro

  32. Saqib Sabih says

    A very nice addition. Good Paksuzuki. Please launch more cars under 10 lakh cadre.

  33. AB says

    aah hee na jay kahin 🙂 PAKSUZUKI has sub standard cars if it comes to pakistan half of the features in japanese models will be vanished and price wil not be affordable , if they are asking 1035000 for cultus which doesnt have basic mechanism like ABS then you can very well imagine how much they will charge for this car (even though its really nice) pak suzuki is ripping pakistani people from many decades its about that should get some serious compeition..

  34. basel says

    Indus Motors are looting people in Pakistan by sell one Corolla Model by different variants eg. XLI, GLI and ALTIS with same body with very marginal changes inside. if you purchase XLI with price of 17 lac or above you will only get option to choose from block or white and after paying so much amount you will get manual car with manual windows etc.

    while in same price Honda is offering City which is much better in quality and also has more features, even basic city (nearly same or lower price from Corolla XLI) packs more features and colors.

    In Pakistan all Car Manufactures are like a mafia who are looting people here.

  35. Saqib Sabih says

    Auto manufacturers are not getting one thing that people in Pakistan are now not rich and stupid like before.

  36. muhammad says

    I love kizashi. Please donate freely to buy this car. Please brothers help this brother in the name of our god.

  37. Abubakr says

    I think they should either slash the prices down to 2.7 or 2.8 million (anything below 3 is acceptable) to gain acceptability (given the features) or they can raise the price to 7 million and niche market it by putting a Mercedes or BMW logo on the car.

  38. Danish Motors says

    According to its worth Suzuki Kizashi is awesome car.

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