Suzuki Celerio will replace Alto in India

A lot of high end exotic and luxury cars are on display on the floor at the currently on going electrifying auto show in Geneva Switzerland.  But there are some everyone everyday small cars on the show as well and Suzuki brand is part of it. Suzuki revealed the Celerio. The Celerio will be manufactured in India and will replace the current Alto.  The Suzuki certainly upgraded the design and the technology on the replacement. The Celerio will truly become part of crowded small economical car segment and give a tough competition.

The Celerio will be powered by a 3 cylinder 1000cc K10C Petrol engine  with 70BHP output. 5 speed manual or automatic transmission is expected with engine start stop function to return higher fuel efficient.  Some pictures are attached.

Picture credit: AutoEvolution

suzuki-celerio-promises-85-g-km-thanks-to-dual-injection-system-live-photos_1 suzuki-celerio-promises-85-g-km-thanks-to-dual-injection-system-live-photos_16 suzuki-celerio-promises-85-g-km-thanks-to-dual-injection-system-live-photos_13 suzuki-celerio-promises-85-g-km-thanks-to-dual-injection-system-live-photos_7 suzuki-celerio-promises-85-g-km-thanks-to-dual-injection-system-live-photos_5 suzuki-celerio-promises-85-g-km-thanks-to-dual-injection-system-live-photos_15 suzuki-celerio-promises-85-g-km-thanks-to-dual-injection-system-live-photos_3

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