Suzuki Ciaz Spotted at Port Qasim

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It seems that Pak-Suzuki is gearing up to introduce a couple of new cars in Pakistan. And Rightly so, the new auto-policy has stirred the local automobile manufacturers to introduce new models in the country. Pak-Suzuki’s strategy of removing the stigma associated with its name in terms of build quality in Pakistan is finally showing some positive signs of life. What started off as a market probe with Suzuki Kizashi is leading towards the eventual launch of Suzuki Vitara and now the company is receiving its first shipment of ‘Test Cars’ in Pakistan. Following are some of the pictures of these Test Cars:

Above pictures indicate the launch of Suzuki Ciaz in Pakistan as a mid-level sedan in the near future.

Stay tuned with PakWheels for more details.


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  1. Hearty boy says

    Its introduction will only make sense in Pakistan if its a direct competitor to Honda city in Pakistan and it is priced a little bit lower than Honda city.

  2. mughal says

    What ever else do, it seems that future is for Chinese Companies in Pakistan, because China produces big cars having big hearts and full options are cheaper worldwide as compared to Suzuki and Toyota. Pakistani people want Big Cars , More Features , lowest price, what ever brand it is , is fine… Just they need official warranty. FAW Pakistan is looking forward to introduce cheap car high end Best quality and low priced sedans in Pakistan…. Geely and Zoyte are also setting up their plants here….

  3. Hussain says

    the most popular sedans in Pakistan are 1.3 and beyond that very little sale can be expected.. when Swift with 1328 cc is least sold hatch back then 1.4 will be issue, as due to high registration cost /token taxes for private owners and engine sealing for government, NGOs and corporate employees become barrier

  4. Junaid says

    The only tests Suzuki does is how to reduce equipment to make the car unsafe and extremely cheep for them. Also if the car can be assembled by the chimps employed in their factory. One day in Pakistan we will see Suzuki Cars with no doors and as a feature for rescue staff to pull bodies out easily after an accident.

  5. Kamran Khan says

    Ciaz also comes in K12-A/B variants as well.

  6. Salman Ahmed says

    Chinese cars are even rubbish then Pakistani cars.china has worst security and safety feature cars in the world

  7. Ehs says

    Importing a few units for test purposes doesn’t mean car is launching. So called test units of 660cc alto were imported way 2 years back while swift units were imported back in 2005-6.

    Indus motors also imported CBUs of vioz and yaris 2 years back. And honda imported units of Honda Brio few years back.

  8. Hussain says

    than it will make in the market, even if suzuki brings k-12b or even 1298 engine with Swift that can ruin the market of many JDMs

  9. Ecs says

    To add, Nissan also imported TEST UNITS of DATSUN GO and DATSUN GO PLUS … hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…… Nothing will happen…. Wagon R is our future…. Mehran is our CLASS vehicle….. and Ching-Chi Rickshaw is our local car… Poor and corrupt companies in Pakistan ……

  10. guest2012 says

    The first thing these guys will do is see how they can remove the safety features offered in the international model if they are going to launch in Pakistan.

    Look at Pakistani Swift (2nd Gen)…we are the only country worldwide that got the 2nd gen swift without airbags!!

  11. guest2012 says

    I don’t agree with you. They may not match german or japanese quality but the cars you think you are getting in Pakistan now have few Japanese components. Honda Atlas and Toyota Indus are both importing complex parts from Thailand not Japan.

    Paksuzuki is offering you old 1980s model cars badged as 2016 models (mehran, bolan, ravi, and cultus)….Mehran’s structural safety is extremely poor and worse than the cheapest Chinese cars. Simply because it has no safety features… Even entry level Chinese cars even now come with ABS and Airbags.

    So the local suzuki’s you are getting are local version of obsolete early 1980s Japanese designs and those too with lesser security features. Even their 2016-17 Swift is actually a 2004-10 Swift (2nd gen) discontinued worldwide in 2010.

  12. Masroor Gilani says

    Yes exactly my thoughts also.

  13. Riz says

    Haha ??

  14. Majid Jatoi says

    hahahaha agreed

  15. Jugnoo Sheikh says

    Price of CIAZ?
    Any awareness of the options?

  16. baig says

    Its just a paid teaser post from the publisher…

  17. nomy says

    Totally fail technology of Pak Suzuki of local cars look Liana no resale , now the turn of reconditioned Imported cars only and 660 cc bright future in auto mobile market only from next year no more loot mar for these Wolf in country (Pak Suzuki , Honda & Toyota) they will sale only from Bank leasing …

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