Toyota Pakistan Reveals its Plan for Small Cars

Toyota Pakistan’s next CEO, Mr. Ali Asghar Jamali has admitted that currently there are no plans to introduce a small car in the country. Mr. Jamali gave his remarks, while talking to the media personals present at the launch ceremony of Revo and Fortuner in Royal Pam Golf and Country Club, Lahore.

Most of the cars sold in Pakistan fall under small car category and let’s be honest, so far the country has very limited choice when it comes to small (under 1000 cc) cars.

  • Suzuki Mehran
  • Suzuki Cultus
  • Suzuki WagonR

The potential for small cars in Pakistan is undeniable due to the lack of any modern, safe and valued option for a common man. As the country’s biggest automotive manufacturer, it is widely believed that Toyota Pakistan has all the necessary tools to cater this problem. However at the launch ceremony of Toyota Revo and Fortuner, the company’s next CEO Ali Asghar Jamali has admitted that there are currently no plans to introduce any car in the under 1000 cc category. Mr Jamali remarked that:

Toyota does not have expertise in small car manufacturing.

Ali Asghar Jamali

He further elaborated:

We are in constant negotiations with Toyota Motor Corporation for the feasibility of introducing new models in Pakistan, but people have to realize that Toyota is a global corporation and it supervises a lot of its subsidiaries, which is why decisions are taken by considering a lot of factors.

The apparent lack of introduction of new vehicles in Pakistan is being attributed to a lack of a long-term and stable policy, which could alleviate the investors’ concerns. However, recent months have seen a consistent spike in Pakistani automotive market and Toyota Pakistan has been performing quite well. The company is enjoying a 28% market share in local automotive market for new cars. Granted, Pakistani automotive market is flourishing under the new auto-policy and improved economic conditions, the need of automotive will certainly increase. According to Mr. Jamali, the country’s automotive manufacturing industry could achieve 500,000 new vehicle production by 2025.

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He further added that any step towards the improvement of country’s economic standing should be lauded.

Any policy which encourages Made in Pakistan is a good step. As this policy will not only bring in new investors but more importantly, it will increase economic conditions of the country.


  • twister286

    What nonsense “Toyota does not have expertise in small car manufacturing”…

    The Yaris (ka Vitz in Japan), Yaris Sedan (aka Belta) are what?

  • Eltaf

    Plan is that there is No Plan , haha trolled big time!

  • Ali

    lakh di lanat…

  • Guest

    it means Toyota Passo is NOT a small car.. duh

  • Titan67

    what sort of high official says things like these to media. And not to forget it shows how much he knows about the company and the product it has to offer.

  • Pappu

    Hahaha….love the title. Btw the “plan” sounds similar to my plan of visiting planet Mars….no plan!!!

  • Usman

    When you have millions in your pocket and travel no less than land cruiser or Porsche then why the heck you care about small 1000cc cars.

  • Junaid

    No experience of Toyota in manufacturing a small car… what a joke. It should be Indus not having the experience or will to invest in the equipment required.

  • Toyota has a wholly owned subsidiary called Daihatsu. Daihatsu is a small car expert – witness its’ offerings. Daihatsu Move, Mira, Boon, Cappuccino, their variants in the Conte label etc. to name a few.

    They could just sell them as rebadged Toyotas like they do in Japan. Mira becomes Pixis, Boon becomes Passo and so on and so forth.

    Doing so would of course, mean stepping on Suzuki’s shoes here in Pakistan.

  • Imran Saeed

    Very funny!

  • Another guest

    What he says that Toyota Indus does not have expertise in manufaturing small cars, you have to read between the lines, which means that Pak Suzuki has the relevant expertise therefore Toyota would leave that market for Suzuki to fleece, and they would fleece a segment where Suzuki cannot match them.

  • Ehs

    Is this article serious???

    The first few lines say the CEO of Indus himself admitting on not having plans to introduce small cars in Pakistan…

  • Bilawal Memon

    So their is no equipment in Pakistan for Indus motors, required to assemble pixis and vitz, nor its is feasible to import that required components. But hey, assembling a corolla can be done by a blind folded monkey without any expertise. Altis grande can be assembled locally and it’s parts can be sourced locally which isn’t possible for vitz/pixis. For after sales service, oils of corolla can be changed by common man at dealership, but in case of vitz/pixis Indus motors requires a Superman to perform that job.

    -CEO Indus motors

  • Ghufran

    Bloggers, please use title of the blog which actually gives idea of the content
    In your title, you say “Plan”
    and in the content, you say “No Plan”

  • Zaheer Kazmi

    Post only when you are in senses…

  • Sultan Kiani

    Our B-3 have signed a secret agreement called, ‘سوزوکی، ٹیوٹا ہونڈا بھائی-بھائی: باقی سب کی شامت آئی’ which forbids Suzuki to compete in mid-sized sedans like Corolla while Honda and Toyota cannot bring any small hatchback which could compete with Swift,Wagoner or Mehran etc.

  • Sultan Kiani

    That’s why they discontinued outdated Coure after Dewaan Motors ceased production

  • Aqib Khan

    The title is very mis leading. Dont give wrong titles just to get the views