Suzuki Mehran Might Receive a Price Revision in 2017

Amidst dropping profits, Pak-Suzuki increased its cars’ prices in August last year. At that time, the company changed Suzuki Mehran’s price to PKR 650,000 – an increase of PKR 20,000- and Suzuki Swifts’ ex-factory price to PKR 1,511,000. Furthermore, for Suzuki Cultus, the price saw an increase of PKR 30,000; whereas, for smaller and non-premium products, like Suzuki Ravi and Bolan, the price was increased by PKR 20,000 to PKR 25,000.

So ,why is that company might increase the Suzuki Mehran’s prices? As it turns out, there are few logical reasons for that and I took the liberty of listing down, for your convenience.

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1: Compliance with the new auto policy:

Pak-Suzuki’s singular presence in the sub 1000cc car category in Pakistan is quite obvious. On top of that, Suzuki Mehran is the only (locally produced) 800cc car in Pakistan and thus remains the only choice for an entry level automotive consumer. To meet the safety compliance standardized in the new auto-policy 2016-2021, the company has to install new features like ‘Immobilizer’ in the car. Here I would like to add that company has tried to delay this inevitable situation for as long as possible, but logic dictates that one way or another, Pak-Suzuki would have to swallow this pill. This action will eventually lead to an extra expense on the company’s part and thus an expected increase in the (ex-factory) price of Suzuki Mehran.
2: Statement off G.M Marketing Pak-Suzuki

Rumors have been circulating on the demise of Suzuki Mehran, when asked on this particular subject; the Pak-Suzuki’s G.M Mraketing remarked:

The urban consumers’ behaviour changes more frequently than their rural counterparts, which justifies the immense popularity of this car in rural areas. Thus, people’s association of comfort with this car in rural areas is much more noticeable. Additionally, the Pakistani consumers prefer resale value over other features and thus it is a huge question for the company to continue or discontinue Suzuki Mehran.

To say the least, the G.M’s statement is pretty vague in terms of the demise of this car, which means Mehran is here to stay for a quite a while. Add to the fact, the recommendations mentioned in the new auto policy, the company will eventually have to revise Mehran’s price to cater the inclusion of an immobilizer. Thus the end consumers will likely face an increase in Mehran’s price. The only question remains now is, “When is this bomb going to be dropped on Pakistani consumers?”

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  • Salman Ahmed

    Uska matlab ha ke waqai log suzuki ki cheeze nahi lain rahae .good

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

    Well sadly the GM is right.

  • Ahmed

    Abh to lyni chore do..

  • Narain

    I think Mehran is in last year of production . Beacuse “Zoyte” a Chinese Company is building up it’s plant in Lahore . they are launching Zoyte Z 100 , a 1000cc car having ABS+PowerSteering+Immobilizer+AirBags+AlloyWheels+AC for the price tag of 6lacs 60 thousands PKR. I am exposing this news, you can verify it from RAJA group of Companies+Shahbaz Sharif’s meeting with automotive companies CEO in Lahore.

  • Guest

    Why did your goodself not sue PakSuzuki in courts?

    I am sure you will come up with a logical reason. And hence all the other consumers also have logical reasons of their own.

  • fed up

    I work abroad.
    The logical reason also given, it is time for consumers to chose the best for their hard earned money. Zoyte Z100 is fantastic in this price OF 6.60 lakhs. Your logical reason looks to be one, comeback to Suzuki again? NEVER.

  • Guest

    Chery QQ and Chevy Exclusive could also not beat Mehroo. Unfortunately, we need a bigger disruption for the piece of crap to get off the pricelist.

  • fed up

    Excuse me,? Chery QQ and chevy are thousands time better then Mehran, R u crazy enough?

  • Muhammed Ovais Alam

    It’s time to bury the crap aka Suzuki Mehran.
    Suzuki, please LEAVE us.

  • Narain

    Will Suzuki allow Zoyte Company to launch their cars , especially zoyte Z100 in Pakistan? because system here runs on bribe, and zoyte will never pay a bribe to Government-Suzuki Monopoly….

  • fed up

    Who the hell is Suzuki to allow Zoyte? .New companies are coming as per the new 2016 Automobile policy of govt. Suzuki monopoly is going to die.

  • fed up

    Suzuki is already knowing that its going to be buried by pakistani consumers, and process has already started since new auto policy.Matter of time………..

  • amjad zafar

    Actually the main fault is on behalf of GOV. There is a difference of policies, taxes, custom etc for autos in Pak. With that reason new companies cannot offer the ideal price to remove the monopoly of Suzuki in cheap cars.
    We hope for the time that will come for us to have the choices such as in neighbor countries.

  • fed up

    Excuse me sir, Suzuki is not selling cheap cars and in the absence of other small cars ,blackmailing pakistani customers by selling expensive scrap on the name of cars.Let the new auto companies to come and if they offer slightly expensive but better cars ,we Pakistanis will prefer to buy and encourage them against the blackmailing of TRIO mafia.

  • amjad zafar

    You really look “fed up” bro. Try to cool down.
    Suzuki is not selling their autos forcefully to us. And this is also the fact that there are a lot and lot of vehicles on road by Suzuki.
    You can say, it is the government who is imposing us Suzuki vehicles by their policies. New auto policy is only to allow other companies to come and make their setup but competitively the price will be much higher then neighboring countries.
    I just want to say that we people simply have no choice to buy some other vehicle under a million in Pakistan and the people in neighboring countries have a lot of choices under 0.6 million.

  • fed up

    People will be having a lot of choices under one million rupees, let the new cars to come. It is not the goverment ,saying Pak suzuki to make car without ABS ,airbags and others safety features, but only corrupt Pak suzuki.

  • fed up

    And yes initial cost might be slightly higher as,these vehicle will be imported in CBU/SDK,but their price will further reduced with local manufacturing. Pakistani vendors are doing very good job for auto parts, dont worry they will set up their plant .

  • saeed

    f***king bastards should introduce new cars in Pakistan inflow of used JDM cars will be less and sales will be high simple policy cannot understand. Mehran is selling like hot cake because there is no other option in same budget once option will arise no body will go for this piece of crap.