Is Toyota Corolla Facelift Ready to Make its Entry in Pakistan?

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For the past couple of days, a lot of images of the ‘Face-lifted Toyota Corolla‘ have surfaced, sadly all of them are self-imported. So, the question still remains about the prospect of Corolla’s face-lift in Pakistan. I am delighted to say that sources inside Indus Motors Company have acknowledged these rumors and have reportedly affirmed the launch of Toyota Corolla in Pakistan. According to industry experts; past evidence of Toyota Corolla face-lift launch in Pakistan usually takes 6-9 months for the introduction of a new model (after it’s global launch) in the country, suffice to say that Pakistanis might be seeing the launch of ‘All-New Toyota Corolla Line-up’ in the later half of 2017. Recalling the statement of IMC’s CEO at the Revo-Fortuner launch; Mr. Jamali remarked:

We are in constant negotiations with Toyota Motor Corporation for the feasibility of introducing new models in Pakistan, but people have to realize that Toyota is a global corporation and it supervises a lot of its subsidiaries, which is why decisions are taken by considering a lot of factors.


Recent months have seen a consistent spike in Pakistani automotive market and Toyota Pakistan has been performing quite well. The company is enjoying a 28% market share in local automotive market for new cars. Granted, Pakistani automotive market is flourishing under the new auto-policy and improved economic conditions, the need of automotive will certainly increase. According to Mr. Jamali, the country’s automotive manufacturing industry could achieve 500,000 new vehicle production by 2025. Coming back to the topic at hand, sources have revealed that IMC might continue with the current engine and powertrain options in the upcoming Corolla line-up. However, the exterior and interior will be all new.

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  1. Salman Ahmed says

    It will maybe come in beginning of 2018 not in 2017

  2. Auto expert says

    Along with FAW B-50. After giving tough time to PakSuzuki, FAW is all set to launch B-30, B-50, B-70 and X-80 in Pakistan to give Dark times to Honda , Toyota and Sedan Importers,

  3. KaKa says

    Not sure about this

  4. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    Pata nai konsi sadee me launch hongi ye

  5. Atif says

    They need to change their crappy interior. Exterior is just fine.

  6. Raja Maja says

    my friend yes your FAW V2 is good and people are considering it now but if you say you are giving tough time to Pak Suzuki then stay away (besides all bad of Pak suzuki) they are still enjoying Monopoly of their product (WagonR). just compare the time frame of Wagon R and your FAW V2 the percentage of change in both products (in sales and demand both).

  7. Saad Ali says

    Most probably new XLi will again have no ABS or power windows. So whatever they say about improvements, it doesn’t matter if Pakistanis are dumb enough to pay over 1.8 million that doesn’t even have the very basic necessities. As long as there are people who are ready to buy the ‘XLiaan’ and Toyota keeps playing with hard earned money of Pakistani customers by providing sub standard car, I don’t care what they are bringing to the plate. Discontinue the XLi already!!

  8. Mohsin Javed says

    Front sai Gree ka converter AC lag rahi hai, puray BTU’s kai sath. Sorry but it’s true

  9. Shaukat Mehmood says

    actually the pakistani people is now more aware of vehicles now actually they need safety reliability and after sale service above all of the other things the security of the vehicles like MOBILIZER which is now more then every thing. The should first mind free from theft of there vehicle and the face and the beauty of the care is the secondary aspect believe me all cars produced by pakistan is very poor quality you must see youselfs the quality aspect this will disappoint every customer no safety no reliability and no……. Cars like Renault and Daewoo with really excellent quality with more road grip and 22-25 guage body will give you more protection then any other cars. Of course the Mercedes and BMW is the best but out reach of middle and lower upper class. BE POSITIVE AND THINK POSITIVE be a Proud Pakistani.

  10. Salman ahmed says

    New colours and front camera deye kar thugs dia ha Indus waloe he.

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