Suzuki Wagon R launch – First images

These are the first images of the Suzuki Wagon R launch in Pakistan. It is indeed the same Karimun Wagon R from Indonesia as we told earlier.

Pak Suzuki revealed the following at the event:

There would be three variants of Wagon R; VX, VXR and VXL.

Prices would be as followed:

VX: 899,000

VXR: 1,049,000

VXL: 1,089,000

Whereas the R in the name stands for revolutionary and relaxing, meanwhile the engine is a K Series 1,000 cc engine which is being used in India and Japan and is quite a popular one. Dealerships around the country would offer test drives of the vehicle to everyone from tomorrow.


IMG-20140418-WA0050 IMG-20140418-WA0052 IMG-20140418-WA0049 IMG-20140418-WA0048 IMG-20140418-WA0047 IMG-20140418-WA0046 IMG-20140418-WA0042

Mujtaba Abbas

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