Suzuki Wagon R launch – First images

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These are the first images of the Suzuki Wagon R launch in Pakistan. It is indeed the same Karimun Wagon R from Indonesia as we told earlier.

Pak Suzuki revealed the following at the event:

There would be three variants of Wagon R; VX, VXR and VXL.

Prices would be as followed:

VX: 899,000

VXR: 1,049,000

VXL: 1,089,000

Whereas the R in the name stands for revolutionary and relaxing, meanwhile the engine is a K Series 1,000 cc engine which is being used in India and Japan and is quite a popular one. Dealerships around the country would offer test drives of the vehicle to everyone from tomorrow.


IMG-20140418-WA0050 IMG-20140418-WA0052 IMG-20140418-WA0049 IMG-20140418-WA0048 IMG-20140418-WA0047 IMG-20140418-WA0046 IMG-20140418-WA0042

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  1. Babar Saleem says

    looks good….!!!

  2. Aneel Anil says

    Suzuki All Members are proud of and happy thanks ful.

  3. Abdul Akbar says

    Looks very good. Price is also reasonable.

  4. Aurangzeb Mirza says

    looks good will be a success in pak. but see how unfortunate is this for us to have such a bad quality fitting even in the car which was displayed at launch event "see the interior fitting of cd player" in dashboard not properly placed inline.

  5. Hasan Afaq says

    Will it be available in autotransmission as well??

  6. Atif Babu says

    Not bad for 9 lacs, its cheaper than a cultus which is next to rubbish for 10 lacs

  7. Atif Babu says

    Just saw, the 9 lac version has nothing in it, just the engine. For power steering and AC you have to get the 10.5 lac version

  8. Ahmed Abbas says

    Thats just insane u pay 9 lacs and u don't even get an AC …… waste of money !!

  9. Shariq Hussain says

    Very high cost… 899 k without AC..Suzuki want to be rich on the cost of public… Don't buy wag on R… Buy imported car instead…

  10. Tanzeel Chaudhary says

    i will prefer swift on it.. vxr should be 9 lac otherwise it will fail cultus has much space than it.. crap man

  11. Yasir Khan says

    its going to be a fail , but still there are alot of fools in pakistan thats the reason these rip offs get rich 🙁 too bad, i wud prefer cultus or swift on this

  12. Nouman Nisar says


  13. Nouman Nisar says

    Not bad? i think its very bad

  14. Shahzad Ahmad says

    WOW……… (y)

  15. Shakil Sadiq says

    Yet another piece of JUNK for the Pakistani market… When will these morons at Pak Suzuki realize that if they ask for an Arm and a Leg in terms of Price.. they need to give value.. Anyways, Pakistan has always been a DUMPING ground for these pieces of Scrap, that they have the Audacity to Launch as the New Model.. Point in case.. Compare an Imported Suzuki Wagon R with this local Junk .. Need NO FURTHER CONVINCING..
    Interestingly when asked at the launch why the so called Newly Launched Pakistani version didn't have Air Bags.. the Nerd representing Pak Suzuki replied," We've given Seat Belts." Bravo ……….. an engine to go with it..
    What an absolute Waste of time, money & energy..

  16. Kaiser Hyder says

    Pakistanio ko aik aour Ugly Suzuki car mubarak ho…….

  17. ŞufŸan Şîddîquî says

    An Excellent Car The Piece which is At ceremony has fitted but The Pieces in Showrooms Are completely fitted AC is There IN It Nice Car Looking BeTTEr

  18. ŞufŸan Şîddîquî says

    Nouman Nisar The Imported One's are 660cc but it can not take 5 persons load and not even pass the high flyovers of karchi

  19. Tayyab Muhammad says

    Sufyan Siddiqui i have been driving Japanese alto 660; excellent car; no issues at all.

  20. ŞufŸan Şîddîquî says

    Tayyab Muhammad Take It To NAGAN Highest Flyover And On KARACHI – HYDERABAD super Highway (THE NOORIABAD BRIDGE) Then Talk.

  21. Ali Amin says

    not at all

  22. Mujtaba Abbas says

    Sufyan Siddiqui Most 660 cc cars have a 200 or so kg weight limit.. If you have 5 people averaging 70 kg = 350 kg.. Then do not blame the car.. 🙂

  23. Mujtaba Abbas says

    Ali Amin For Auto transmission, get the Japanese version..

  24. ŞufŸan Şîddîquî says

    Mujtaba Abbas I AM just saying that iT is Not For Karachi Roads 😛 -_-

  25. Hassaan S Hussain says

    It is much more better than cultus in every way & the price is reasonable .. Just drove it

  26. Mujtaba Abbas says

    Sufyan Siddiqui Well then, improve the roads of karachi and don't blame the car, I am just saying this as well 😀

  27. ŞufŸan Şîddîquî says

    Mujtaba Abbas OK but i am not the Governor or Anyone else 😛

  28. Mujtaba Abbas says

    Sufyan Siddiqui lolzz 😛

  29. Syeda Samia Zakir says

    too high cost this is unfair

  30. Mujtaba Abbas says

    get a JDM then.. 🙂

  31. Mujtaba Abbas says

    Agreed. I drove it as well, detailed review coming soon

  32. Jaffar Saqlain says

    Pakistanio ko 9 Lac main without A/C Car Mubarik hoo. Hum hain isi k haqdaar

  33. Immi Joiya Wisaldare says

    ye kya hai boss

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