Suzuki’s concept cars at the Tokyo Auto Show 2011

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For decades, the only car that has made Suzuki what it is today in Pakistan, is the Mehran. While the people remain oblivious that Suzuki cannot be able to make technologically advanced cars unlike the rest of its competitors but it must be told that Suzuki is a market leader when it comes to small economical cars.

Suzuki’s booth at the Tokyo Auto Show 2011 showed what it has been thinking and developing for the future, even though our past, present and the future has only Mehran but the rest of the developed or the developing world gets the best of the automaker.

Suzuki Regina Concept:

Suzuki has said that the Regina is a preview to a next generation small car for the global market. The focus here is on ultra-efficient engines and reducing the overall weight of the car as much as possible. Peugeot is doing much the same thing with the 208, so the Japanese might be on to something.

The concept is small and only weighs 730 kg, despite being filled with content. So the 800 cc turbocharged engine should have no problem doing the 32 km/l (72 mpg or 3,1 l/100km) that the manufacturer claims.

Suzuki Q-Concept:

Than we have here the Suzuki Q-Concept, which is all about efficiency, user friendliness, innovation and styling in a small package. It’s a tiny two-seater measuring only 2.5 meters in length. The seating arrangement is a tandem design, so it’s only 1,300 mm wide. It’s more like an electric scooter with four wheels, since it’s designed for short journeys within 10 kilometers of your home.

Power for this innovative vehicle comes from an electric motor and your usual battery pack with an estimated range of 50 kilometers (31 miles) and a top speed of 60km/h (37 mph).

Suzuki Swift EV Hybrid Concept:

Pakistani market received the Swift after five or more years of its initial launch in the international market and the PDM (Pakistan Domestic Market) spec car was actually the outgoing model from the international market. In layman terms, Pakistan had received the model which the world had put into a trash can.

For the rest of the world, Suzuki is considering an EV Hybrid concept which it displayed at the show, we are talking about a system that allows the Swift to offer an electric-only range of 18 miles (29 km), so Suzuki is looking to develop the technology further in order to also adapt the vehicle for European use – in Europe, drivers travel much more than that per day.

However, the limited electric-only range also means that the Swift comes with a full recharge time of only 90 minutes on a 200V outlet, while using a 100V supply raises the time to four hours.

You all might be quite astonished at the concepts Suzuki revealed at the show because the perception of Suzuki in Pakistan is not so bright given its antics.

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