How to tell when you’re being annoying to other drivers

Imagine yourself enjoying the your drive in your beloved car, but have you ever wondered the things you do that may annoy your road companions?! With whom you often spend a lot time stuck in traffic jams with high-beam or constant honking.

Here are some of the many many things you do that may be extremely annoying for other drivers.

Other drivers surely get annoyed when YOU:

1- Drive too fast against the weather conditions: It is a matter of simple Physics.When the weather gets bad, slow down and be safe. Make sure you keep distance.

2- Get emotional: An angry driver is always the most aggressive driver. Be sure to always be in composure and try to calm down before hitting the road or you may hit someone else.

3- Drive recklessly: “Driving like a jackass” even if your vehicle is sponsored by your father or the government is not appreciated at all by anyone.

4- Use High Beam: High beams are distracting for other drivers and they literally blind other drivers coming from the opposite side. This act may also cause an accident. Yes, using high beam in an isolated area is necessary but not on main streets, or service roads and driving-within-city. Alas!!! Some of us think of flashing-lights-on-peoples’-faces as too cool. “Pappo Daikh Kaise Aaala Light Hai Bhai Ke Gari Ke”……!). Your China HIDs are nothing but nuisance for law abiding drivers.

5- Forget there is an Indicator in your vehicle: Believe it or not. Whenever you make a turn without “indicating”, you surely get cursed by the driver behind you. So please, try using them and beside their objective, they look great blinking.

6- Park on Footpaths: Helloooo!!! Footpaths are for pedestrians so please make sure that you park at a place tagged as parking.

7- Double-Park: Avoid double parking all the time, but be more careful doing it near a medical store or hospital. If nothing works for you and in any case you have to double park the vehicle, write a note or leave your card at a place where your contact number is visible.

8- Don’t wave a thank you back: Wave a thank you every time a driver gives way or right of way. It feels good and who doesn’t like exchanging smiles? Making some one’s day a little better won’t cost you anything. Use of hazard lights once or twice also serves the purpose.

9- Fail to yield the right of way: Failure to yield the right of way is the biggest cause of accidents.

10- Driving slow in the fast lane: This is like a regular occurence where uncles and other drivers get into the fast lane at a major road and do just 40 kmh and when you flash your lights behind them, you can hear them calling you imbeciles but they won’t move.

And I guess everyone is aware of wearing seat belts, not using cell phones and parallel parking.



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