Ten automotive wallpapers that will leave you spellbound


Following wallpapers I am sharing with you now have been collected by me over the course of reasonable time and I cherish my collection of these wallpapers so much that I equally cherish that the photographers were there with their camera ready for the click at the right time.

Having a camera, taking thousands of photos, eventually, few would turn out to be good however; true photographers are those who will do anything for that perfect shot that leaves us spellbound at the sheer awesomeness of the said picture as you are going to experience by looking at the photos below.

Do justice to these photographs that bring color and emotion to our otherwise, lifeless desktops by finding the people who took these and drop a line of gratitude.

Click on the picture to download the full size image.

Beginning with the perfect shot that also describes our enthusiasm towards motor racing:

Speaking of motor racing, I don’t think you will ever find a better F1 wallpaper than this one:

A Ferrari F430 on fire but still running at Circuit de SpaFrancorchamps:

While on the subject of fire, here’s Gulf Team’s Lamborghini Gallardo LP-560-4 with glowing brake disc and spitting fire:

And here’s RedBull’s Drifting Mazda RX-7, a car with a timeless design spitting fire and burning rubber.

Fire needs some water to cool down, what better way to call water than to have a rally Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution spear through a pond splashing water all over the side. Best way to cool down the spectators in summers.

Rally cars’ continued, here’s a Subaru Impreza pulling an oppo mountains.

One of the most favorite Japanese muscle car, first generation Celica doing an oppo in the sand.

The last two photos are dedicated to the current trend in the automotive industry, the end of this post as well as the end of the cars that were not driven by computers and produced epic black and white scenes.

Following is the picture of a Rat Rod named Welderup Cummins. Powered by a an old Cummins Diesel engine used in 1928 Dodge.

JDM all star driving through the tunnels, the cars were proper race cars whose limits ended along the driver’s. Sadly, the computer has taken over our cars now.

All praise to the respected photographers.

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