Here Are Ten Most Searched Cars On PakWheels (Jan – Mar 2016)

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PakWheels is Pakistan’s leading automotive website. Hundreds and thousands of people visit the website daily to interact with fellow automotive enthusiasts, discuss their auto-related issues, buy and sell cars, SUVs, bikes and their accessories, etc. There are more than 43000 cars and more than 2200 bikes for sale on PakWheels. Many use it to talk about all the latest in the auto world from Pakistan to around the world. PakWheels members from abroad try to inform their Pakistani fellow members about all the latest releases and auto shows first hand.

It will not be wrong to say that discussion on PakWheels Forums about different models and makes of cars have made it possible for new car buyers to increase their confidence in various cars. The team records all the searches and clicks about particular brand or model of a car. Following is the list of ten most searched cars on PakWheels from January to March 2016. For the month of February and March, you can see the number of searches as well.

From the looks of, Honda City has remained most popular in first three months. The number of searches increased almost 1000 in March from February. Corolla has been steadily on the rise. In January, it was at the 6th spot, in February it was at fifth, and now in March, it is at the 3rd spot, under Honda Civic which is at 2nd spot with 4003 searches. One surprise entry is by Toyota Prado at number 9 in March with 1520 searches. Rest of the list includes Suzuki cars, Daihatsu and Jeep.

These numbers are not being posted to determine the winners or losers, but only to show the interest of people in certain models. The ranking can shed some light on the popular vehicles of the month.


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  1. Guest says

    The term “jeep” is synonymous with SUV in Pakistan. It could be seen whether people were looking for SUV section or specifically for the brand name “Jeep”.

    Pakwheels Forum search function is different from Used Cars section search function. As far back as I remember (more than 10 years), Pakwheels Forum search function had pathetic performance, the results were few and poor quality. In fact even if we write the exact heading or an exact sentence from a thread, that thread would never show up in the search results, whereas writing the same thing in google search would give the required thread as first result.

    Because of useless nature of Forums search function (and the compulsory several seconds gap between searches), I have used it only 15 or 20 times in more than 10 years. Maybe 3 years ago I used it last.

    Good luck to the 4003 poor souls who searched for Civic, and the 5968 poor souls who searched for City – and the rest, too. I doubt they ever found what they wanted.

  2. Ali says

    In Pakistan, ‘Jeep’ is synonymous with SUV…
    Even in official documents like the vehicle registration book we see vehicle type as ‘Jeep’ instead of SUV.
    It’s pathetic and laughable.

  3. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    I thought Premio was gaining more ground in the market..

  4. Hashmi says

    Now game will change…. Numbers will flip from Suzuki to Faw… Sarfraz is in….. T 20 Captain…

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