Tesla Model 3 ranks top among the best-selling EV’s in 2018

Tesla Model 3 has outperformed all other electric vehicles (EV’s) around the world and becomes the best-selling vehicle of 2018.

With each passing year, Tesla is ramping up to the world’s top-selling brand, and 2018 has been a splendid year for the U.S based manufacturer. In the last quarter of 2018, the automaker also sold more units than the premium car brands like Mercedes-Benz and BMW around the world. With the delivery of Tesla Model 3 in Europe, the premium German auto giants would face immense pressure as they are struggling to bring an all-electric vehicle to their product line-up.

However, on this occasion, Tesla’s model 3 has hit another milestone and surpassed all other electric vehicles in terms of sales around the globe in 2018. This could yet be another hint of Tesla becoming the world’s top car brand in all aspects. The popularity of Tesla is climbing miles, and nothing seems to be stopping that at the moment. The electrifying response to the all-electric Model 3 of Tesla around the world has been the headline for the automaker so far.

Tesla Model 3 overcame an extremely popular Chinese vehicle BAIC EC-Series by a huge margin of 55,000 more vehicles sold in 2018. Tesla managed to sell as many as 145,846 units of Model 3 as compared to 90,637 units of the Chinese EC-Series. Tesla also grabbed 7% of the overall plug-in vehicle market share. The runners-up EC-Series ended up with 4% of the electric vehicles market share which is equal to Nissan LEAF which came at the third spot of the highest number of sales in 2018. The competition for electric vehicles, at the moment, seems to be hanging very much between Tesla and the Chinese auto manufacturers. As we move down the list, Tesla’s Model S and X hold the 4th and 5th spot respectively, showing a massive climb over the previous year. The others making to the top ten list; include three more Chinese plug-in models followed by Toyota Prius Prime and Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV at 9th and 10th position respectively. The chart shows that all the three models offered by Tesla make it to the top 5 among the best-seller electric vehicles around the world.

Source: CleanTechnica

The story doesn’t end at Tesla Model 3 being ahead of all other electric vehicles (EV’s) in the world. The auto manufacturer is, in fact, far ahead of its competitors in this race. What is actually so significant about Tesla Model 3? What makes it outperform all the rest in the world?
There are multiple factors that make Tesla Model 3 so unique that it doesn’t let any competitor breathe free air in the electric vehicles segment. Some of the majorly contributing factors in its success story are mentioned below:

• Value for money: Tesla Model 3 offers the best value for money in its range of price or even higher. The consumer can easily rely on what the automaker offers under the given price tag.
• Highest technology car: Considering the price range of Tesla Model 3 or others at a higher price, this particular car offers the most advanced and highest level of technology for its consumers.
• Quickest machine: Tesla Model 3 is the quickest among all others that fall in a similar price range or even higher. It surpasses all other plug-in vehicles with its powerful pack of batteries.
• Long-range on a single charge: In terms of how far a car travels on a single charge; Tesla Model 3 surpasses its competitors quite comprehensively which makes it a top choice for the consumers.
• Super-fast charging capability: Tesla Model 3 also owns a super-fast charging capability which results in time-saving for its consumers.
• Competitive cost of ownership: Meanwhile, not many people who afford a car in this price range care about the cost of ownership, but Tesla Model 3 still offers a competitive cost of ownership to its potential buyers.

The factors mentioned above when combined bring out a monster of a vehicle in what Tesla calls as Model 3. At the moment, no other vehicle in the automobile market offers a similar sort of complete package under the plug-in technology. But this doesn’t even mean that other plug-in cars are not making it to the end consumers. It is worthy to mention here that almost 2 million vehicles including cars, SUVs, and crossovers other than Model 3 were sold last year. This shows that there is a variable consumer behaviour but at the moment, Tesla Model 3 is the most popular plug-in vehicle in the market by a fair amount of margin.

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