Test Drive: Bentley Continental Supersports

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Well, there isn’t much to write about this car. It’s pretty much one dimensional, straight line speed being given the highest priority.

I’m sure the car has potential for being somewhat interesting on twisty roads but the problem is that you have to go very fast on those roads to be able to enjoy the car. The car rides like a normal Conti GT in the standard suspension setting but firm up the setting all the way and the roll is much better controlled.

The carbon ceramic brakes were excellent, no squeals and not grabby at all (like in the Lambo Gallardo). The car that I drove had optional rear seats. With the rear seat option you obviously can’t get the carbon fibre bracing that runs right behind the front two seats in the two seat only model. I’m not really sure if the additional bracing would noticeably stiffen up the chassis much. The exhaust is nice and loud on start-up, after that the loud whoosh can only be heard after the car shifts into 2nd-gear under full throttle. The steering column mounted shift pedals are just horrible, they should be attached to the steering wheel in the Supersports. The interior is way too bland for a Bentley so I didn’t bother taking any pics.

Overall, i’m not really impressed with the Supersports. Just like the first time I drove the Conti GT, the straight line speed is what gets your attention. The Conti GT Speed was a little bit faster with no more driver involvement than the standard car. The Supersports is again one step faster than the GT Speed and isn’t really the drivers car that I hoped it would be. I’ll take the Brooklands any day over a Supersports.

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