The future of fossil fuel powered vehicles

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There is no denying the fact that we are running out of fossil fuel, on which most cars run today. Not only is that, our environment is also under great threat because of the smoke released from internal combustion engines.

Different manufacturers are already working on electric and hybrid cars which are now gaining a lot of popularity. Does that mean we will run out of fossil fuel sooner than we think? Well, that’s what a Stanford economist, Tony Seba, says. He strongly believes that in eight years we will face the shortage of fuel and most oil companies around the world will face great losses, up to 40-50% to be exact. His study titled as ‘Rethinking Transportation 2020-2030’ explains how electric vehicles will take over the world after the global crisis of the petrol and diesel. Yes, you heard it right. Seba claims that by 2025, people will struggle to find petrol and diesel stations or even mechanics with the knowledge of internal combustion engine, which in result will force people to consider buying electric vehicles.

He emphasized on his claims by saying that electric vehicles are way more superior than fossil fuel powered vehicles. The maintenance cost is 10 times cheaper, higher mileage and endurance of up to 1 million miles, which is a lot more than 300,000 miles of an average petrol or diesel car.

Seba said, “We are on the cusp of one of the fastest, deepest, most consequential disruptions of transportation in history. Internal combustion engine vehicles will enter a vicious cycle of increasing costs. What the cost curve says is that, by 2025, all new vehicles will be electric, all new buses, all new cars, all new tractors, all new vans, anything that moves on wheels will be electric, globally.”

If that is not enough to be convinced, take a look at the electric cars made by Tesla. With their Tesla Model S, they proved that electric cars can be fast, highly safe and cheap to maintain. The mastermind behind this company is a famous American business man and entrepreneur known as Elon Musk. Musk said, “If you burn natural gas in a modern general electric natural gas turbine, you get 60% more efficiency. If you put that same fuel in an internal combustion engine car, you’ll get about 20% efficiency.”

Elon makes it very clear that burning fuel for electric cars is much more efficient than burning fuel in an internal combustion engine. Better efficiency also translates to less environmental pollution. This makes electrifying the automobile industry a promising move.

Now, let’s get to the main point that the world is running out of fuel. Should you be worried?

In one word, NO. As Sam Niell said, “Life always finds a way”. Everything has an end. These fossil fuels were a result of organic deposits of dinosaurs and other living beings which once lived on earth. So we are going to run out of it one day or another. Many reports have proved that we have used most of the fossil fuel present on earth and we haven’t been able to find any considerable deposit in the last decade. This automatically enforces the statement made by Seba that we will see less fuel stations in future. Maybe it will take longer than eight years but it’s safe to say that we don’t have much time left. Just like coal powered engines, fossil fuel powered engines will be replaced with electric motors in vehicles and advancements like autonomous driving will come along. A new era of automobiles will commence which will not only be good for the environment but also for the people. Automobiles including Audi, Mercedes, Toyota, and Volkswagen are already working on electric and hybrid cars in order to minimize the use of petrol and diesel. Buying an electric or hybrid vehicle, even today, is a very safe move because fuel will be expensive and rare in near future.

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