The most ridiculous Rolls Royce you will ever see

The Drophead coupe is a very ugly car in stock form causing much disgrace to the graceful Phantom but a customization shop said there was room to make it even more ugly than it already is but someone like-minded, I assume must’ve challenged them you can’t make it uglier even more than how it already is.

Challenge was accepted by Bijan who smeared banana yellow paint all over it on the luxurious expensive car and made successfully made an already ugly car, even more ugly.

And to make the matters worse, Bijan was left with some banana yellow paint after they were done with the body therefore they used the left-over on the interior.

But everyone must agree that Rolls Royce make attention grabbing cars and now, thanks to Bijan, the Drophead coupe is even more attention grabbing. It got ours.

Click on the thumbs to view in larger size.

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Baber K. Khan

An auto enthusiast trying to bring car media mainstream.