The new ultra-luxurious Mercedes Benz helo

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As confirmed reports started to emerge about the Stealth UH-60 Blackhawk Helo’s tail is going to be returned,  I instantly felt ridiculous at the live drama performed in Abbotabad couple of weeks ago. A lot of fellow countrymen I met said to me that the tail will be returned – and it is finally going to go back home. But, when it was apparent that it is going to be returned then why did they risked such expensive and top secret technology falling into a friend’s hand.

But I digressed as I wandered around the interwebs in search of more information on the Stealth Blackhawk helo, my eyes struck this new ultra luxurious helo by Mercedes Benz for the obscenely wealthy individuals, businessmen, oil sheikhs or Pakistani politicians.

EC145 Mercedes-Benz Style debuted at the 2011 European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition. The helo is made by Eurocopter and Mercedes Benz and features wood flooring, even in the cockpit. The copter is based on the successful nine passenger, twin-engine EC145, which came into being after a joint venture between Kawasaki and Eurocopter and first flew in 1999.

The aim of this helo is to provide  a transition from luxurious car into a luxurious helo. In order to make the transition feel so real that you’d think that you’re still in you’re Mercedes Benz S Class, the helo’s interior is equipped with the same wood, leather and adjustable ambient lightning as any Mercedes Benz.

Like any SUV, the seats of this helo can also be removed in order to load more specially designed Mercedes Benz luggage. Moreover, the EC145 Mercedes Benz Style has been tailor-made for luxury-class business and private travel by Mercedes Benz Advanced Design Studio situated in Como, Italy.

And if you like to fly the EC145 MB Style yourself one day then the cockpit if also equipped with the same luxury as the cabin behind. The cockpit seats are leather and as I’ve told before, the floor of the cockpit is also made of wood.

Infotainment system is also available for you to enjoy your commute even more, lest you get so comfortable that you might fall asleep of course.

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  1. Faheem says

    I think this helicopter would be more for executives but not for military.

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