The only Ferrari motorcycle sold at last for 138,000 $

Ferrari’s boss has strictly confined the company to the limits of producing only supercar, not even SUVs unlike its Italian rival, Lamborghini who even has a plan for a 4-door sedan.

In the world of luxury and super fast cars, especial or one-offs are made for aspiring – rich customers who have the means (money) to make companies create models on their wish.

For Sale on Pakwheels: Used Motorcycle

This one-off Ferrari motorcycle is one such case. This Ferrari was made Arlen Nass, a custom bike maker whose creation was endorsed by Ferrari and wears the official Ferrari Chassis number “SF-01M”.

Built by David Kay Engineering and completed in 1995, this one-and-only Ferrari motorcycle sports a DOHC engine displacing 900cc and putting out 105 horsepower at 8,800rpm. The only styling choice we take exception with are the Testarossa-style strakes on either sides.

This bike was all set for auction and the expected auction price for it was 300,000 $ however, the expected price was a bit too optimistic as it turns out when it was sold for only, 85,000 Pounds or (138,000 $).

Any other Suzuki or Ducati bike looks a million times better than this so what this sale proves is one thing, people will pay dearly for anything that sports a Ferrari badge.

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Baber K. Khan

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