The Rampant Suzuki Mehran – Caught Speeding Above 135KMPH

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Suzuki Mehran; the common man’s car has remained at the forefront of Pakistan’s automotive industry from the past couple of decades. Being the only locally assembled car available under one million rupees this car is favored by many till this day. And obviously, when it comes to budget cars, people tend to go overboard and try to get all the benefits including both comfort and speed with Suzuki Mehran aka boss. Here’s an interesting video of such incident which is going viral on social media.

The problem is two-fold:

  • Overspeeding
  • Lack of Safety & Security Equipment in the car
  • Disregard of seat belts as a potential life saver

So the lesson is, going above 130 KM/Hr is possible but not recommended by any local automobile manufacturer on a public road nor it is tolerable by traffic police. I wonder if the local law authorities could consider the use of speed limiter across all locally manufactured cars as a mandatory component in the assembling phase, then perhaps we might start seeing fewer accidents on Pakistani roads.


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  1. KaKa says

    Should be sent to international competitions, this local crap at-least in this video makes us proud 😀

  2. windie says

    the person who made the video is no better. Driving and using the mobile to make a video, plus high beams are also on.

  3. Ahmed Bilal says

    what a useless and baseless one wanted to buy this crap on first place…this is all bcoz this nation has no other option.

  4. Aamir Bashir says

    Instead of speed limiter there are some good features to add they should do that, look at the other moron behind him recording video of the boss while sticking his damn full beam in their eyes … traffic police should consider some action against high beams

  5. Ehtesham Khan says

    -_- Just who wrote this article (Fazul) and what is that song it is nice 😛 ….

  6. Junaid says

    I wounder how these Mehrans go beyond 100KPH. Back in 2006~7 it even struggled to reach 90KPH on the highway. What have they done 😛

  7. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    Im just happy Disqus is back.

  8. fed up says

    The writer is trying to prove Mehran can run 130 KM/HR, Mayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy be but how he is going to stop it????????????????????. There is no way one can stop Mehran where he want, mayyyyy be after one kilo meter.

  9. fed up says

    comfort and speed with Mehran ? and low budget??

  10. Imran Aslam says

    I need that SONG which is playing in CIVIC. can any body help me ?

  11. Arni says

    This cant be a Mehran – they dont have digital speedometers or RPM meters

  12. Guest says

    Want to see the research behind how he concluded that the lack of speed limiter is a major cause of accidents and that just changing one thing could result in great reduction in the number of accidents happening.

  13. Muhammed Ovais Alam says

    Improved the quality of ‘teen’.
    * teen as in teen dabba

  14. Alpha Bravo says

    Lolx. Mehran was the car who overtook this Civic 😀

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