The Suzuki Authentics concepts is not your average Suzuki

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If you somehow miss the logo on this concept car, you might be led to believe by the looks of it that it is probably some German luxury car by BMW but apparently, it is not. It is the Suzuki Authentics concept is quite a good looking luxury car draped in a dull brown color aimed especially for the Chinese market.

Initially, speculators believed that it is the long-wheel-base version of the Suzuki Kizashi or the SX-4 as the Chinese people prefer longer leg rooms in the back hence a longer, more luxurious Kizashi or SX-4 is introduced but as it turns out, it is not their LWB version. It is an independent concept.

Regardless, Suzuki says that the Authentics concept previews a C-segment vehicle for the Chinese market. A good move, too, since that segment has the highest volume in the Chinese market which is why automakers like Ford, for example, have more than one offering in the class.

000-suzuki-authentics -concept-shanghai

Revealed at the Shanghai Auto Show, Suzuki has remained tight lipped about giving away more information on this car, but one thing we’re sure is that we’d never get the best of Suzuki rather the worst, as we already have.

002-suzuki-authentics-concept-shanghai 004-suzuki-authentics-concept-shanghai

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  1. Aneef Izhar Ul Haq says

    Suzuki logo makes it look like Baleno 😛

  2. Mamoon Kahn says

    this is a good replacement for Mehran……

  3. Agha Mohsin says

    yes it should be like this……( $ )…lmao.

  4. Syed Ali Baacha says


  5. Syed Ali Baacha says

    the only problem is the logo, otherwise a beautiful car! if I have one I ll make sure both the logos are gone.

  6. Umer Ali says


  7. Wijdan Malik says

    boti ful

  8. Ali Iftikhar says

    my eyes are not blving :p..Place some lexus or honda logo on it.

  9. Mohammad Farooq Yousaf says

    Dashing car, really liked it.

  10. Mian Qavi says

    and also the color theam too . i thought Suzuki Baleno is upgrade version is came bake

  11. Mustafa Mujahid says

    it's realy good looking!!

  12. Adil Gondal says

    No matter how beautiful it will remain a "Suzuki"..:p

  13. Atif Rasheed says

    who's going to do the "copy of this" thingy? :p

  14. Zayed Saleem says

    Bimmer Copied from the back.. LMAO.

  15. Sheraz Khan Malik says

    looks more like a BMW series 5 from behind.

  16. Muhammad Adnan Zafar says

    really beautiful. cant believe its from suzuki.

  17. Sanjay Natarajan says

    The Maruti Suzuki Ciaz is the production version of this concept….

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