The worst number plate you’ll ever see on a Corolla in Pakistan

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The government first released the most ridiculous registration plates – the series ‘ASS’, but as we were sure that this is the worse fail at government’s end however, a person from Hyderabad made sure that government after all, does not look that dumb.

This person thought that it’s all cool and rocking to have fancy number plates of ‘PORNSTAR – ORGASM ADDICT”, on his Altis Corolla.

Written in all caps, this person who belongs to Hyderabad leaped all bounds and put up these offensive fancy plates which are unacceptable even in the west. Despite government’s repeated blockages of porn websites in Pakistan, and certain people’s online jihad against such websites, he went ahead and installed the plates on a family car, where a normal being, whether belonging to any culture around the world will feel a bit ashamed and awkward to commute his family (especially the female members) around in this car.

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