These Are The Most Popular Choices Of Colors In Cars

One of the ways you distinguish your eco-box from the millions of other eco-boxes is through its colour. By far the most difficult decision when buying a particular car is choosing its colour. You might really like how your future car looks in white, sleek and classless but at that the same time, that sensible part in your brain is nagging you to chose a darker shade such as black as its going to show less wear and tear over the years and will be able to hold its value better in resale. The difficulty of this decision can vary weather if you’re buying an ordinary 4-door saloon that just has five color options or if you’re buying a high end luxury vehicle such as a Rolls Royce which offers 44,000 stock colors.

So here is a list of the most popular choices for car colors:

Car Colors

From the statistics we can see that almost one in every 4 cars bought is in the color white. So how did white become so popular even though it’s not exactly the most practical colour to live with, it easily shows dirt and scratches and fades the quickest, well the short answer of to that question is Apple.

Apple which is currently the world’s richest company is regarded by many experts to have pioneered the modern digital age of consumer electronics. Just by looking at apples range of product from the past and present, it can be easily interrupted that they loved using the color white, White color iPhones, Macs, you name it. The love of using white soon spread to the automotive industry as well and just stuck for the past couple of years. Black is the second most popular color probably just because it’s a universal color that looks good on any car or in fact any product. It’s followed by Silver, Grey and surprisingly Red.

What do you think is the best looking color on a car? Sure, black is aggressive, and white may have a slightly better resale in Pakistan, but still, what will you choose?


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  • Saad Haji Idris

    THIS IS COLMAR TROPICALE PAHANG MALAYSIA i visited in March 2015 its a great place and known as French Village

  • In my opinion dark coloured cars are best although they get hot sooner than light coloured cars but black and navy blue are just awesome.

  • Tabish

    I noticed many actors and elite personalities drive black color cars. Someone said me black is the color of luxury.