Things you should know about bike tires

Much has been written on car tires, how to choose perfect tires, how to protect them from the environment or to extend their lifeline. PakWheels also have written a lot regarding car tires from the rubber they are made to their different types such as winter tires, summer and all-season tires. However, very little has been written about bike tires. So we thought that we should give brief information to our readers regarding bike tires and how they are quite different from car tires.

  • Maintaining a bike tire is quite difficult, one has to always check it on an almost regular basis.
  • Bike tires are mostly bias-ply tires, but on the contrary, the car tires are usually radial tires. It would be worth mentioning here that almost all bike tires in Pakistan are bias-ply tires.
  • It is the misconception that tires made for bikes use the same rubber compound used for making a car tire. As compared to car tires the tires of the bike are made from a softer rubber compound, which helps the tire to grip more on the road, while wearing out quicker.
  • Always remember to change the bike tire when the tread on the tire is 10 percent or below. This is important because if used excessively with the low tread, one might face the music as it can fail during a ride.
  • Be sure to check the air in tires of the bike after an equal interval of times as it loses air quicker than a car tire.

bike-tyres-(2)  bike-tyres-(1)

The bike tire made in different countries might comprise of different features.

So these were some basic information about bike tires and their difference with car tires. Stay tuned to PakWheels for more exciting news. If you guys have any information which you would like to mention about the bike tires, then drop it in the comments section below.

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  1. Honda Deluxe 125, Suzuki GS150, GS150SE and YBR 125 none of these bike's come with tubeless tires from Factory...
    Though these tires with tubes do loose air quicker than car tires.

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