Pak Suzuki halts Wagon R bookings

Pak Suzuki is one of those companies that is doing exceptionally well in Pakistan. The company has sold a record number of cars and bikes in 2017. The latest news about the company is that it has forbidden its dealerships to take further bookings of already popular Suzuki Wagon R.

The automaker has issued a notice to its dealerships telling them to halt the bookings of Wagon R starting from 1st of February, 2018. The suspension is only temporary, and all previous orders will be honoured and delivered accordingly.

The internal circular does not state the reason behind the suspension of bookings. Arguably there are two possible explanations of why Suzuki Pakistan decided to halt Wagon R bookings.

First is simply the number of orders the company has already taken. It is possible that there is a huge backlog that Suzuki wants to clear first before taking any more orders. Wagon R was very popular last year and was sold in huge

The second reason could be that Pak Suzuki is trying to divert potential customers from Wagon R to its other hatchback, the Suzuki Cultus. But there is a significant price difference between both cars and this strategy to increase the sales of Cultus might not actually work.

But both of these points are just assumptions, and only Suzuki Pakistan knows the real reason behind the stoppage. We’ll get our readers updated as soon we hear more news about this suspension.

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  1. Why does suzuki want to destroy the whole company just for that cultus....

  2. do sell whatever you want to sell, because soon the competition will blow you apart

  3. Khurram Memon seems to be a very insecure Suzuki lover :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:
    I hope Shitzuki company shuts down so that Pakistan people get proper cars that are value for money not Suzuki junk....AWAAM KO BOHT LOOT LIYA HAI SHITZUKI NAI... Allah karey koi sahi company aakur sub ko behtr product dai at affordable prices

  4. Yes I am a Suzuki lover because I am thankful to Almighty Allah SWT, who made it possible for me to buy a used Alto and it is working fine for our needs so yes, I love it and if you have an issue accepting the fact, then bark on because it is unfortunate habit of some people; to POKE THEIR UNWANTED LARGE NOSES IN OTHER PEOPLE'S BUSINESS. And for your information every Pakistani is corrupt, me or you might have done worse in our greed to earn profit so, instead of being angry at Suzuki one must try and correct his ways.

    That free-to throw away-advice goes for the unwanted and not lovable educator of a man Mr. Muhammad Muaz who seem to feel joy in insulting other people's choices, maybe, he is not aware of a fact; dog barks at every single passerby.


  5. excellent answer dear

    Buying of car seems to be luxury in our society rather than the need. think about the society where a large number of people carry their family on bike with average 2 or 3 kids with continuously hoping for an car mehran fx or so.

    We are living in the corrupt tareen society of world

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  • fed up

    Shitzuki is doing well to kill itself .we consumers are just waiting Kia / Hyundai to launch their vehicles ,expected to be in 2018 ,CKD import and then assembling in 2019.

  • Xonia Mirza

    I’ll research about this company then reply you that what i observe from them.