Do you think your car engine is clean?

Most of us end up thinking a lot about our car engines. We know that engines need to be looked after. They need a check-up every now and then. The common procedure of checking your engine regularly is seemingly a tedious task for the majority. But, do you want your car engine to last longer? Do you want your car to use less fuel? Do you want your car engine to pollute less?

TOTAL EXCELLIUM HOBC – makes your life easier as it is the only fuel that truly keeps your engine clean and maintains the engine health. It contains anti-corrosion agents and detergents that contribute to a reduction in polluting emissions whilst giving that increase in efficiency- reduction in fuel consumption with an extended engine life because it reduces deposits by up to 93% as your drive. TOTAL EXCELLIUM HOBC is compatible with all petrol engine technologies (recent and old ones), contains detergents which make for a reduction in your fuel consumption because a clean engine uses less fuel. No matter what the driving conditions are, it is compatible with 100% of gasoline engines, maintaining optimal engine performance every time.

The multitude of benefits of using a clean fuel includes an increase in the engine mileage, enhanced engine protection and engine life.

And so, when it comes to keeping your car engine clean and protected there is nothing better than switching to a clean fuel.

Notable Replies

  1. From where one can get non adulterated fuel in his/her town?. As far as my town Hyderabad is concern where not a single petrol pump is up to mark and are providing adulterated fuel. These are actually paid articles to gain more profit rather than giving any knowledge to car users.

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