This tiny 3D scale model car is only 1cm long and has opening doors and moving wheels

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Technology has come so far that some wouldn’t believe the things that have become possible because of that. The recently completed Hot Wheels Double Loop dare is a testament that things we dreamed in childhood have today come true.

Cars are now entirely designed on computers by Automotive or Industrial designers, and it quite simple, you sketch your design up a design on a computer, press print and a machine will carve it out in exacting detail as many times as you like.Now someone has figured out how to scale-down 3D printing to create even smaller designs. By small we mean very small. This amazing 3D scale car in only 1 centimeter-long made of plastic and has functioning doors and rolling wheels.

If 1-cm car is too small for you needs, the same team has worked up 2-cm and a 4-cm versions. Check out the brief video below to see the coolness.

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